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New UK venture invests £1m to launch ground-breaking personalised nutritionally complete meal

Abnormal Products

With consumer demand for personal nutrition growing as people focus on healthy lifestyles in the face of the ongoing pandemic, a new venture from TPW Global, has invested £1m in cutting-edge technology to enable the launch of an innovative product which provides a personalised nutritionally complete meal.

Under the brand ‘abnormal.’, the new Cheshire-based venture uses nutritional algorithms to process a wide range of unique customer touch points, including diet, lifestyle, health and habits to create a personalised, nutritionally complete meal, even taking into account allergies and intolerances. Algorithms sync each meal to the needs of the individual, giving an optimal balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, fats, complex carbohydrates, plus a number of other active ingredients.

Founder and CEO, Mark Coxhead, explains: “With the global meal replacement market estimated to be over $18 billion in 2020 and forecast to continue to grow, complete meals have become a high growth sector with consumers wanting the convenience of a nutritionally balanced meal in a convenient powder format. abnormal has been developed to meet this need and breaks new ground in healthy eating.

“The interest in personal nutrition has rocketed in the past few years. Consumers no longer believe that one size fits all. We see a huge market opportunity for abnormal which is why we’ve invested over a million pounds and spent two years building a very smart piece of technology in conjunction with bleeding edge nutritional science.”

A free seven meal trial enables the customer to try the product without commitment before moving to a 30 meal subscription. The box and nutrition guide inside are also fully personalised. The customer can update their details at any time and abnormal will resync all data to create a new meal recipe.

Coxhead continues: “Since launch, we’ve seen very strong take up and we’re already working on the next phase of product evolution for abnormal. Having an affordable healthy meal, that is designed for the individual on so many levels, whether they are vegan, flexitarian or not, and has minimal impact on the planet, is a very powerful proposition.”

The brand has also worked hard to achieve a plastic free end-to-end product by using fully recyclable paper-based single serve sachets. It all comes in a recyclable cardboard box that uses no adhesive in its construction.

abnormal. has partnered with Share The Meal™, making a donation to the charity for every 30-meal box delivered, to feed a child in hunger for a day.