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New Workshop Concept Opens in Shipley

Yvonne and Issy at Tyro Studios

A new space for people wanting to ‘get back out’ make friends and learn new skills has opened this week in Shipley.

TYRO Studios, is a new, first of its kind, workshop space. The studios have been created by husband and wife team Yvonne and Israel (Izzy) as a space for people to learn new skills and share experiences with like-minded people.

From flower arranging to calligraphy and paint and sip classes (wine tasting and painting) there’s a class to suite everyone, and, if there isn’t the team will find you a bespoke one!
Yvonne Aboayge (32) – was born in Norway and grew up in Australia. Her husband Izzy (39) was born in Australia and moved to Yorkshire when he was eight. As an adult Izzy moved back to Australia, met Yvonne and then, in 2017 the pair decided to move to the UK where they are currently based.

TYRO Studios was the brain child of Yvonne who wanted to bring to life her passion for bringing people together and hosting fabulous events. With a background in wedding planning, and more latterly corporate and private events she wanted to create somewhere that her and Izzy longed to be able to go… she explains.

“The ethos behind TYRO studios is essentially learning and community. Izzy and I are huge advocates for living life to the fullest – we fully romanticise our lives, we love to experience whatever there is out there and we feel that learning is a HUGE privilege. We also love people; we love meeting people, learning about them – the more different they are from us, the better. That’s what makes for a rich life! “Said Yvonne.

Izzy and Yvonne have thrown themselves into hundreds of new experiences and learned new skills including pottery and wine production.

“It’s such a privilege to just decide you want to learn or experience something and not only have the means, but the ability to ‘just do it!’ What we love about all of the opportunities we have share is the excitement of beginning again.” Added Yvonne

Izzy added: “As you get older you get used to be good at things. You have had the same job for a number of years and know what you are doing, driving comes as second nature etc. The idea of learning something new can be daunting but also exhilarating.

“There are lots of courses and opportunities for people to become masters and experts in one specific field, however, Tyro is different, it’s a chance to try loads of different things, some you will love, some you will have fun learning it’s not your forte!

“TYRO is the Latin word for a ‘beginner or novice’. Our workshops are all about allowing yourself to be a beginner, whether it’s painting, or learning about whiskey and wine or macramé, or floral arranging. It’s about allowing yourself to ‘begin again’ try something new; you don’t have to be good at it, there’s just joy in learning.

“We both also love creating a beautiful atmosphere and our favourite nights at home often include a cheeseboard, candles, a good playlist, a glass of red and the Scrabble board. We want the workshops to have the warmth of a great dinner party with good conversation, great wine, learning and laughter.”

Each instructor led workshop will last between 1.5 and 3 hours and will include all your materials, plus anything you make you take home. Alcoholic and non alcoholic drink options will be served throughout your workshop, all this set in a beautiful environment to relax and learn in.

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