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North East Businesses With Purpose

An exciting concept is due to launch in the North East, which will marry together conscious consumers with businesses who have a purpose or an aim to do good, all whilst raising creating a charity fund to support disadvantaged kind people and causes that society depends upon.

Michelle Jones is bringing her idea of Kind Currency to life, on the back of her own personal life story and the trials the world has witnessed the last few years, and is calling out for all businesses in the region driven by purpose to get in touch.

Wanting to create an environment where people can be rewarded for being kind with their spending, Michelle came up with the App based business solution that will not only boost local economies and communities but also raise funds to remove barriers and provide opportunities ibn the region.

Unique in its positioning Kind Currency merges B2B, B2C and charitable activity all in one Community Interest Company which creates an economy of kindness to protect, sustain and celebrate, kind people, kind businesses and kind causes.

Michelle, who overcomes several debilitating health conditions daily to live a full, enriched life, to make a difference, is newly excited by the launch of Kind Currency. She said:

“As we entered lockdown I set up a free crisis management service for the wedding industry through my business Michelle Jones Weddings, which exploded.

“My community work also shifted every day to meet the needs arising from the COVID-19 situation. It was like a rollercoaster of emotion, I spent days helping people overcome the adversity they faced, and it all came with much stress, tears, and exhaustion but rather than dimming my flame, it added fuel – wondering how else I could help and make a difference, the idea of Kind Currency emerged as a business solution.”

Kind Currency will support businesses with purpose in reaching their audience for free, whilst giving members added value and discounts when purchases and business contracts are forged through the app. The businesses can be from any sector including B2B, retail, hospitality, leisure and many others – as long as the drive is one to do good, then the business qualifies.

Michelle, who is urging businesses to jump on this opportunity to thrive in the future, concluded:

“Launching as a pilot in the North East in September, we are currently developing the app. Once the app is live, we will bring together people who want to make kind lifestyle choices about where they shop or who they do business with, together with companies who have a strong purpose. It will be a place where every £1 spent sees kindness paid forward, rewarding kind decisions and creating business with value, to do good.”

Ultimately Kind Currency is aimed at people who people who care.

Businesses who wish to join do so for free, but are expected to give members kind deals, value added offers or discounts. Members subscriptions are set to be £5 per month, paid through the app, with all profits going to the charity.

More information is available by following Kind Currency on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.