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North-West Mindset and Positive Psychology Empowerment Coach Celebrates Empowerment Book Featuring 10 Brave Women Becoming A Global Best-Seller Knocking Jay Shetty Off the Top Spot

Louisa - Photographer Michelle Geritas

This week, a leading business woman, and solo mum of one, from Warrington knocked Jay Shetty, Ant Middleton and Wim Hof off the top spot on the Amazon bestseller book charts with new all-female collaboration book.

Louisa Herridge, 43 from Warrington, Cheshire, whose accolades include; bestselling books and a globally sought-after coaching programme, setting women free from their past, has united 10 other women from across the UK and beyond, in a bid to inspire others to leave behind; judgement, trauma, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, and take hold of their dreams and live life once more – overcoming the darkness to ignite the flame.

Launching globally ‘From the Ashes, She is Ignited: Volume 2’, went straight in at number 1 knocking ‘Think Like a Monk’ author Jay Shetty off the top spot in the Inspirational Spirituality category on the Amazon bestseller book charts – it also took the number one spot in another 10 categories, including being number one in the personal transformation category alongside Ant Middleton and Wim Hof and reaching the top spot in the USA International best sellers category.

Brought together by former secondary school teacher, now Mindset and Positive Psychology Empowerment Coach and the Founder of The Mamas Ignited Movement, Louisa Herridge – together all the contributing authors are declaring; “We are all women ignited and together we are unstoppable!” This book has been lovingly created to inspire more of us to find the courage and resilience to rise up, leaving behind the challenges of our history, these honest accounts reveal the depths of despair and provide significant keys and tips to moving on and being able to powerfully rise from the ashes.

‘From The Ashes, She Is Ignited’ is the second volume of powerful, inspiring and empowering stories from women who have risen from the ashes of trauma, adversity and pain to live a life ignited with positivity, passion and confidence.

The ten women in this book all show strength and with that comes unwavering grit. Within its pages, you’ll find chapters including;

  • THE EVOLUTION OF THE PHOENIX by Paula Holden who is sharing her story of how she is rising post stroke and relaunching her business to help families to Live W.E.L.L
  • YOU ARE ENOUGH written by Kim Antrobus who is a Family Assistance Lawyer using the power of her story and sharing about her own turbulent childhood, to help others have their voices heard in family court.
  • SETTING THE SONGBIRD FREE by Melanie Pollard see’s Melanie bravely sharing her story of overcoming severe anxiety and her mission to now support women to reclaim their life as they navigate peri-menopause.
  • TURN YOUR PAIN INTO POWER by Joanne McGee is all about her life story of turning pain into power; within the chapter Joanne continually empowers other women like her who may have always been told; ‘you can’t!’
  • BECOMING THE BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY is written by Sarah Park, Sarah is using the metaphor of escaping the chrysalis to become the beautiful butterfly, as she continues to lead the way for inclusivity and access for people with disability and chronic illness.

Other chapters cover sensitive topics including; childhood trauma, mental illness, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, eating disorder, divorce, miscarriage, sexual abuse… Their stories will take you from the darkness, heartbreak, and despair of life through the power, strength and resilience to becoming ignited. The book has a collaborative message of hope, gratitude and the joy that can be found in even the darkest of journeys.

Louisa Herridge said: “This process is just wonderful. The JOY and excitement from the authors behind the scenes gives me such a sense of passion and purpose of knowing that everything that I set out to do with my business and this book is coming to life.

“The ten women in this book all have one thing in common. Strength and with that comes unwavering grit. Their stories will take you from the darkness, heartbreak, and despair of life through the power, strength and resilience to becoming ignited.”

Celebrating the launch of ‘From the Ashes; She is Ignited’ her fifth inspirational best-selling book, Louisa urges women everywhere to ignite the spark of self-belief and extinguish adversity and fear to live a more fulfilled life – just like she did.

Solo mum to her 7-year-old daughter, Louisa describes herself as being like ‘the glorious Phoenix, who has risen from the ashes of; debt, domestic abuse, trauma, chronic pain and depression to be reborn in flames as the blazing leader.’ Her passion and fire for personal growth comes from her own lived experience. Only a couple of years ago, Louisa, was depressed, unhappy and felt stuck. Following a violent assault at the hands of her ex-partner, which resulted in complex trauma, PTSD and emotional and psychological burnout, Louisa said; “I had stopped living”. After some time, support and coaching, Louisa started to feel a little light ignite within – she knew had to leave her successful teaching career that was making her miserable and re-invented herself in order to self-heal and find a better life.

Louisa continues; “I often think of the years of our lives as symbolised by a tree. Once an old tree has been chopped, its truck reveals circles, each representing a year of life. Once the tree is felled, we cannot change it. Just like us. We can’t go back and rewrite the past, but what we can do is stop the tree from being felled. We don’t need to see the chopped-down tree with forty-three rings of past to know it has endured many cold winters, harsh storms and parched summers. We can still share its story and celebrate its strength and endurance as it stands tall and thriving. Growing taller and stronger to withhold the storm of the next forty-three years! The inner rings are still there; we don’t need to see them to know those years have weathered the tree. We grow and by knowing who we are and what has happened to us we can turn that pain and adversity into strength and power.”

Over the past two years, Louisa has built her business up to be a full-time endeavour and in this latest, wholly honest book, she and her collaborators, leave no stone unturned when talking about their experiences, their trauma and how they have developed the courage and resilience to not just survive, but thrive in life.

Louisa concludes; “I am so proud of this incredible collection of empowering stories. A reminder that no matter how our stories begin, whatever we encounter, how many times we fall, we can all rise again. These powerful stories bring hopeful reminders, insightful inspiration, and support. Collectively we believe that it’s possible to heal, rebuild and rise above your adversity.”

Founder of Authors & Co, Abigail Horne who has brought the book to life, said the book is for women at every stage of life. She said: “At Authors & Co we work with entrepreneurs who want to make an impact through leaving their legacy. Our authors always lead their readers to reflect on their own lives and if aligned, make use of the teachings to move forward themselves.”

Copies of ‘From the Ashes; She is Ignited’ can be bought on Amazon UK and USA.