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North West Velcro Companies teams up with Bluedot Festival to celebrate 50th Anniversary of moon landing

Velcro Companies

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the North West Velcro Companies teamed up with Bluedot Festival to provide an interactive space experience for attendees.

At the Jodrell Bank observatory on the 19th-21st July, Velcro Companies invited festival goers to experience the moon landing for themselves. Families could learn all about the company’s role in the lunar landing and discover what it’s like to be an astronaut in space.

Velcro Companies played an instrumental part in the Apollo 11 space mission leading to VELCRO® Brand products being used in a variety of ways.

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop was used when designing equipment for outer space and featured on the astronaut’s space suit. Its uses included heat shields, watch straps, feeding tubes, breathing apparatus storage, and anchoring astronauts’ feet in boots. It was also used to keep instruments and tools organised securely inside the spacecraft, fasten camera equipment and attach nose scratching sticks inside helmets.

Bob Woodruff, CEO for Velcro Companies, said: “NASA repeatedly turned to Velcro Companies to design and engineer an extensive range of hook and loop fasteners that could solve certain perils of space travel and help ensure the success of arguably one of the most momentous occasions in human history.

“It’s the ultimate test of any product to say it can successfully manage the rigors of space flight and those same VELCRO Brand space-tested fasteners are still trusted by our customers today to provide solutions, from hanging to organising, to help customers accomplish missions in their everyday lives.”

As part of a wider campaign celebrating the 50th anniversary lunar landings, Velcro Companies also commissioned multiplatinum, Juno Award winning artist, Walk Off The Earth, to release a cover of the classic rock song ‘Walking On The Moon’. Walk Off The Earth reimagined incorporating VELCRO Brand products reimagined as musical instruments to create a one-of-a-kind percussion sounds in the music video.

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