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The North West’s hair and beauty industry set to give jobs market a major boost

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Sally Salon Services’ sixth annual Beautiful Britain report reveals that nearly all (98%) of salons and barbershops in the North West plan to increase or maintain headcount over the next 12 months, equating to 2,093 new roles. Additionally, 76% of hair and beauty businesses in the North West plan to hire at least one apprentice this year, adding 5,131 apprentice positions to the UK economy in 2017. This is the most significant level of job creation in the country.

These figures come amid rising positivity in the industry: a huge 91% of hair and beauty professionals in the North West think that 2016 was a good year for their business, which constitutes a significant 19% rise from last year’s Beautiful Britain report and makes the region the most positive in the UK.

Hair and beauty businesses in the North West are also optimistic about the future, with 70% stating that they feel more confident about the year ahead than they did 12 months ago: 6% higher than the national average.

Confidence is fuelled by a boost in performance; 44% of hair and beauty businesses in the North West registered a rise in turnover in 2016, while 49% experienced an increase in customers and 36% said customers were likely to spend more money now than a year ago.

And the North West has been revealed to be the third vainest region of the UK, based on Sally Salon Services’ research into consumer spending on treatments and time in front of the mirror.

Treatment prices have also risen, with UK consumers spending more on their appearances than in the previous year. The average spend on an annual basket of treatments for women is now £994, up £118 compared with last year, while for men it stands at £779, a rise of £68 from 2016. In the North West, the average price of a hair cut has gone up by just over a pound in the last year.

Commenting on the research findings, Warren Scarr, Managing Director & Group Vice President of Sally Salon Services UK and Ireland, said:

“I’m proud to be a part of an industry that is set to contribute so positively to the UK’s economy and which, through hard work and dedication, has created a future to be optimistic about. Professionals in our sector are not only passionate about giving customers the best possible experience, they are committed to nurturing the next generation of talent through rewarding apprenticeship opportunities.”