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Northern businesses advised to turn to document storage in bid to save space

What should you do with all your documents when downsizing a business?

According to a study by YouGov for HR tech firm Applaud, over a quarter of businesses in the UK will either close, downsize or consolidate their offices this year as they transition to hybrid working models. This is happening in all major cities across the UK, especially in metropolitan areas such as Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Newcastle.

Indeed, research found that in March 2021, around 29% of workers in the North East and 27% of workers in the North West were still working from home, suggesting a trend that is here to stay.

In adaptation, many businesses will be moving to smaller premises, which although suits the reduced numbers of people physically coming to work, often cannot accommodate items a company needs to store. For example, most businesses will have document archives, which must be kept organised, stored securely, and remain accessible, even if they are not needed regularly.

To save precious space, archiving your business documentation and records needn’t have to take place on-site where hard copy documents would take up valuable room. By working with a secure document storage company, you can develop an efficient off-site strategy for storing and retrieving specific files and records as you need them.

Here are a few reasons why using a storage provider to store your files might be the right solution if your business is downsizing.

Documents remain accessible

You’ll need to make sure that even if they’re not on-site, you still have access to files when you need them. Choose a storage provider that offers controlled, but also efficient access to your documentation. For when you need files at short notice, try to find a storage company that commits to the speedy return of your documents, ideally delivering it to you within the next working day, whatever your location in the UK.
Alternatively, you can always arrange for a trusted courier to co-ordinate the transportation of files with the storage provider.

Files are preserved in the right conditions

Documents should be stored in an optimal environment in order for them to remain in the best possible condition. Many storage companies provide their own purpose-built storage boxes. Make sure they’re double walled for strength, and that premium packing tape and bubble wrap are also provided for ultimate protection on the move. In terms of conditions, warehouses are usually temperature controlled and of course, waterproof to prevent any long-term damage to essential data.

Security and privacy is guaranteed

UK businesses are bound by the Data Protection Act to ensure that any sensitive documentation and records they hold are suitably protected. Storing these documents off-site with a credible and trustworthy storage provider ensures that they are held with the utmost privacy and security guaranteed. Usually, they are stored in CCTV-controlled premises and only accessible by authorised personnel.

It’s more affordable than you may think

Storage can be mistaken as an unnecessary expense for businesses, but most leading off-site storage options are very affordable. Not only does storage guarantee the security of documents, it also helps office and administrative departments save money on equipment, storage and packing materials because they are already provided.

It keeps you organised

It pays to be organised in a business, and off-site storage is the one-stop way to get files out from under your nose. Without having to deal with excess documents, admin departments have time to focus on other tasks and running the business efficiently. Plus, files are only one delivery away if they need to be accessed.

It usually includes insurance cover

Off-site record storage often comes with extensive insurance cover. This usually starts with a base level of insurance cover, however if you are storing information that’s particularly valuable or sensitive, it can be helpful to find a storage company that allows you to increase insurance cover by item or box for maximum cost effectiveness.

Insurance cover might not seem essential, but if you are let down by your chosen storage provider, your business should be adequately compensated for the loss and inconvenience.

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