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Northern Gas Networks scoop three wins at UK Customer Experience Awards

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The North of England’s gas distributor, Northern Gas Networks (NGN), has won three awards at the UK Customer Experience Awards 2019, recognising its commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.

The renowned UK Customer Experience Awards were held during National Customer Service Week and acknowledge organisations and inspiring businesses across the UK.

Northern Gas Networks was shortlisted for six awards at the event for dedication to its customers, taking home Gold for Product or Service Development, Silver for Employees at the Heart of Everything and Bronze for Use of Insight & Feedback – Customer Satisfaction.

The gas distribution network was praised for its work to use insights to improve customer satisfaction. Northern Gas Networks innovative driveways project – to proactively reach out to customers to plan gas mains replacement work around home improvements and minimise disruption – was also heralded, as was the company’s dedication to continuing to grow a united and empowered team by fostering a community-focussed culture with people at the heart of everything that it does.

Eileen Brown, Customer Experience Director at Northern Gas Networks, said: “As the North of England’s gas distributer we’re extremely privileged to deliver gas to around 6.8 million customers throughout the North of England.

“Delivering truly great customer service continues to be at heart of everything that we do and we are immensely proud to have been recognised once again at the UK Customer Experience Awards.” first time you hear a

Northern Gas Networks was shortlisted for six UK Customer Experience Awards in 2014 in recognition of its work to transform customer experience and was awarded six gold awards including securing the award for Overall Best Customer Experience.

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