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Northern workers not put off by dated design and technology, research finds

The majority of Northerners would still want to work for a company with outdated design and technology but almost half of Londoners would not, research shows.

A survey conducted by power module manufacturer CMD found that almost three-quarters of people living in the North West would not be put off a company after attending an interview in a meeting room lacking modern features. More than three-fifths in the North East and two-thirds in Yorkshire and the Humber felt the same.

Nationally, only 30.7% of people stated they would have reservations about a company due to the quality of its meeting room. This figure was higher in London, where 47.1% of people would think twice about working for a business with visibly dated infrastructure.

Young people in the capital had the highest expectations, with 63.4% of 18-24-year-olds objecting to a behind-the-times meeting room.

In Yorkshire and the Humber, it was 25-34-year-olds who were the most deterred – here, 68.1% in this age range admitted they would be deterred by a meeting room with dated design and technology.

Bruce Cantrill, marketing manager at CMD comments: “Many regional companies pay little regard to their meeting room set up, a factor that employees simply expect as standard.

“However, the volume of companies based in London and subsequent competition for clients and new recruits means that companies there have to pay more attention to the finer details. As a result, it’s little surprise that Londoners expect a higher standard, particularly younger employees who may have only experienced top-end design and technology.”

Workplace technology is advancing rapidly, allowing companies to create a good impression for clients and potential employees with relative ease. Wireless phone charging hubs let visitors charge on the go, and boardroom tables fitted with integral power modules to support a range of charging options, media applications and international sockets, enable instant connectivity.

Bruce concludes: “Small adaptations can make a huge difference to the impression a company makes to visitors. Searching for the right chargers and leads to facilitate presentations can be time-consuming, not to mention appear unprofessional.

“Being able to instantly plug in any device will help create a seamless meeting and the customer or potential employee will instantly feel as though the company has considered their needs from the very start.”