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OPOC team up with ITAB to deliver energy saving solution to UK M&S stores

OPOC team up with ITAB and M&S.

Manchester based Software & Tech company OPOC Retail partner up with Itab and Marks & Spencer to roll out energy-saving Aerofoils to refrigeration units across 504 stores in the UK.

The Aerofoils, influenced by Formula One aerodynamics and developed by Williams Advanced Engineering, attach to the shelf strips of refrigeration cabinets to reduce cold air spillage and improving energy savings by up to 30%.

After extensive laboratory and store trials, M&S is said to have seen proven energy savings from Aerofoils, with the added benefit of a more comfortable temperature for customers and colleagues.

Ian Moore, head of store development at Marks and Spencer, said: “We’re excited to be collaborating with Aerofoil Energy to reduce the energy consumption and environmental footprint of our stores. This technology will also help us offer a better shopping experience for customers by improving the temperature in our aisles.”

ITAB, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of shop concepts, upgraded their mobile field management software to OPOC back in 2018 and have experienced a significant improvement in operations efficiency;
“After researching various project management systems my team decided on OPOC because of its simplicity to use and unique live data collation process. The software provided us with the ability to reduce costs, speed up our communication processes and capture vital analytical data,” said Mark Crumpton, Installation Manager of ITAB UK.

The bespoke development is what really sets this apart from other systems. The OPOC team have been brilliant and made themselves available almost 24/7 to help our staff deliver unique solutions to our clients.”

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