Pickard Properties doubles sponsorship for university netball team

Pickard Properties doubles sponsorship for university netball team


Leeds property company Pickard Properties has pledged to double its sponsorship for the Leeds University Union Netball Club (LUUNC).

After sponsoring the team for a number of years, the letting agency has this year reiterated its support for women’s sports and hopes that the sponsorship will push the already successful team to even greater heights.

LUUNC team member, Olivia Adams said:

“Due to unforeseen funding complications this year, the Pickard agreement to further support us has never been more vital.

“It allows us to travel to games, host competitions and maintain good quality equipment whilst also cementing our reputation as a socially responsible club.

“Pickard’s generosity with merchandise not only attracts members to sign up at fresher’s fair but also rewards our girls throughout the season.”

Denise Mcardle, development and marketing manager at Pickard said:

“The Leeds university union netball team have been sponsored by us again this year.

“We have doubled their sponsorship this year as they have done such a good job and we are keen to support women’s sport and Leeds students.”

Pickard is also sponsoring Leeds Beckett’s men’s football team this season.