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Popcorn, Ushers and the Takeover of a Cinema – LeedsAgency Beats Off Competition with Show-Stopping Pitch

The ALLGOOD Team Pitching in the Cinema...

Leeds-based branding agency ALLGOOD is celebrating having been appointed the branding and marketing agency for The Broadway shopping centre, a retail and leisure destination in Bradford after winning a show-stopping four-way pitch involving lights, cinema and action.

Keen to think differently from the other three agencies, the team creatively planned an unforgettable pitch, hiring out The Light cinema to present in. This made full use of the leisure facilities they were pitching to promote. ALLGOOD put on a show that included branded cinema tickets, greetings by the team dressed as ushers, a ground-shaking movie trailer and a newspaper from the future, as they invited The Broadway team to sit back and enjoy the pitch complete with ‘pitch popcorn’ and a drink of ‘pitch pop’.

The pitch was led by Director, Paul Dodd, who has been running branding agency ALLGOOD for over 16 years. The account win has been made all the more amazing considering Paul suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2017, a devastating type of stroke that saw Paul fighting for his life and enduring three hour brain surgery. Recovering from such a trauma has given Paul and the team a renewed sense of purpose, fuelling their desire to work on projects that do good, make an impact and inspire creative thinking.

The creative brief focuses on branding and creative marketing concepts that will transform The Broadway from a retail destination to a retail and leisure destination. Paul said of their approach: “I knew we had to do something remarkable, we’ve never pitched before and I wanted to knock their socks off. Going up against agencies much bigger than ourselves, we wanted to stand out. With this pitch idea I knew we were onto a winner as the brief was to re-position The Broadway as a leisure destination, by pitching in their own cinema we would be bringing a sense of drama, entertainment and leisure to the actual pitch presentation. We had to maximise the impact of the giant screen and sound system, so the team created a mind-blowing movie trailer about ALLGOOD to start off the pitch, and I had some fun recording myself doing a voiceover for the ‘turn off your mobile phone’ intro.”

He continues: “We knew that every other agency would be pitching in The Broadway’s meeting room, so we had to wanted to be different”.

On the day of the pitch, Paul arrived at Broadway’s management suite with no other team members and no laptop. Fully expecting a disaster pitch, the management team were then asked to stand up and leave the boardroom. Instantly they knew this pitch was going to be different. After being led to The Light Cinema, ALLGOOD Senior Designer Vicki announced the pitch would be in Screen No.5 and ushered the team in, the ALLGOOD pitch tickets were checked and the team were seated for the ‘show’.

Ian Ward, General Manager, at The Broadway said: “The pitch presented by ALLGOOD really excited us, they delivered exceptionally against the brief and the team’s expertise really shone through.

“We’ve been impressed from the word go – the pitch was unique and impactful, but importantly they addressed The Broadway’s business objectives through the creative routes presented which include showcasing the Centre’s extensive leisure offering.”

ALLGOOD is a branding and ideas agency that love to work with companies, charities and causes that are making a difference. Whether it’s sustainability, social good, education or food, ALLGOOD’s mission is for its work to drive discussion, action and change.