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PPE firm that’s 75% cheaper than competitors reach 4,000 sales

Aiden Cooper - Co-Founder of Nightingale PPE

A Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) firm that launched in March 2020 is experiencing rapid growth, with demand for affordable PPE higher than ever before. Nightingale PPE, which operates out of established locations in Romsey, Hampshire and Manchester, has now supplied wholesale PPE to over 300 businesses and individuals, making over 4,000 sales in 15 months.

The expanding company counts an NHS Trust, various English Heritage sites and a popular UK holiday home company as customers and supplies products to a mix of businesses, wholesale customers and private individuals. The protective medical supplies range includes visors, masks, hand sanitiser and contactless thermometers.

Nightingale PPE was set up by Dave Mac and Aidan Cooper — two friends who served in the army reserves together and both had to put their existing businesses on hold due to the pandemic. They started the business in a bid to combat inflated PPE prices and companies attempting to make huge profits from the pandemic.

Dave, a co-founder of Nightingale PPE, said: “We sell a visor for 99p but have seen other companies selling the same item for five times the price. We’ve also seen hand sanitiser costing up to £165 for five litres. We sell the same amount for £13.99, which shows how much can be saved from shopping smartly.

“We’ve won a new customer, every day since last March 2020. Word of mouth has played a big part in our growth, with customers spreading the word about our affordable PPE products, coupled with the fact that PPE products are now essential for many businesses.”
Nightingale PPE is now focused on growing its team and expanding its existing PPE product range, with the company just launching British made FFP2 and FFP3 masks and aloe hand sanitiser to its e-commerce store.