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Progressive Northern business helps British exporters bounce back and grow with China’s e-commerce

Anita Zhang, CEO of ACOLINK, speaks at #LetsDoChina Roadshow 2019 in Leeds (Photo ©LetsDoChina.org)

In these uncertain times, with further challenges ahead for British businesses wanting to trade internationally, revisiting and adapting export strategies is more important than ever. Businesses have to make strategic and informed decisions that require intrinsic understanding of the target market dynamics, risk factors, and opportunities.

ACOLINK, a fast-growing, progressive business assisting British enterprises seeking to enter and grow in the Chinese market, has been advancing efforts to support exporters to maintain and expand their export activities. One area that ACOLINK is strongly emphasising is the importance of an all-round strategy that can help mitigate the risks.

Anita Zhang, CEO of ACOLINK, says, “With the global pandemic, the countries, respective markets and sectors will be all at different stages of recovery. Well executed online strategy enables businesses to better respond to such challenges in a positive manner. Let’s not forget that any future trade deal [with the EU] will bring different challenges on top of this, so the next 6-9 months or so are a critical window of opportunity for British businesses to act on.”

ACOLINK strongly believes that for a business to enjoy success long-term, they not only require access to up-to-date information but also in-house knowledge and skills. To help exporters close this gap, ACOLINK is offering training and knowledge transfer for managerial staff and international operations teams. The company is well-positioned to support business recovery, boosting international sales growth through all-round solutions, consultancy services, and prominent initiatives geared to market knowledge, insights, and alternative perspectives.

To build on this and further enhance their support in this area whilst delivering on its commitment, ACOLINK is pleased to announce that Ms Zhang has recently successfully completed and acquired a prestigious E-commerce Professional Trainer certification. She is the first person outside of China to become a certified instructor by the Training College of China International Electronic Commerce Center (CIECC), an agency under China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). The College is China’s official, national level professional and technical education base for e-commerce.

In 2019, ACOLINK expanded its strategic partnership with China’s government agency and landed an exclusive contract to deliver an e-commerce initiative outside of China to committed exporters. The online training platform for business – YIMOOC – is now nearing the pre-pilot stage in the UK and Ireland, with access soon to be extended to more participants. This will allow British exporters gain first-hand insights on the growing e-commerce sector in China and access a unique knowledge centre so they can understand developments in the market as they happen.

This expands on ACOLINK’s already well-received #LetsDoChina initiative, which Ms Zhang has been leading here in the UK since it was first launched in 2018. The initiative saw a number of events and roadshows across England, sharing insightful market updates and practical information. One of the roadshow’s participants stated: “I learnt more yesterday morning than I have done [at] an event in a very long time! Excellent presentation”.

ACOLINK, attuned to an increasingly global digital focus, is launching a new curated set of online webinars, practical workshops, and on-demand training. Designed to help businesses bounce back and seize more long-term opportunities in the Chinese market, ACOLINK’s #LetsDoChina is growing bigger and better.

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