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Property investment platform reaches 25 property offices

North West-based Sourced, the largest property investment platform in the UK, has secured its 25th franchise, just 10 months after the company’s inception.

Established to match UK and overseas investors with hand-selected investment opportunities, Sourced is on track to exceed its first year target of 35 franchises by the end of 2018.

Sourced offers UK-wide investment advice and property sourcing through a network of franchises that guarantee the same level of local knowledge and off-market opportunities, anywhere in the country.

The newest Sourced locations are South East London, Bournemouth, South Liverpool, South Manchester and Bradford.

Stephen Moss, managing director of Sourced said: “The franchise model is delivering real growth for Sourced. It presents an attractive and alternative route into a career in property which vitally, enables us to offer UK-wide coverage and intelligence in order to match investors with the right opportunities – whether that’s investing in growth locations to boost a pension pot or delivering high yields to provide monthly income.

“Essentially, we’re offering an end-to-end approach – providing guidance and tutelage for investors whether they’re novices or professionals, right through to matching them with suitable properties, encouraging them to search our 150,000 property database and facilitating peer-to-peer lending opportunities.

“Despite headlines in recent months, the buy-to-let market is definitely not dead and our success, both in terms of serving investors and attracting franchisees, certainly bears that out. As Sourced is already the largest network of property sourcers in the UK, the focus now is to grow the network and we expect to secure another 30 franchises in 2019.”

Sourced was set up by directors Stephen Moss, Ryan Brown and Paul Rose and employs eight people at its head office in Widnes.

Franchise offices can be found in Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Wigan, Bolton, North London (x2), Newcastle, Leicester, Leeds, Birmingham, Reading, West London, South East London (x2), Warrington, Sunderland, Salford, Preston, Nottingham, Huddersfield, Bournemouth, South Liverpool, South Manchester and Bradford.