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Protean Solutions Launches Supporting Cascade

A well-known face in the sporting world has taken his expertise in making people fit in the mind as well as fit in the body into a new business, Protean Solutions.

Steve Black, or Blackie as he is better known, has been working since his retirement as a sports coach with both individuals and organisations focusing on motivation, teamwork, leadership and excellence in the workplace.

His portfolio is impressive, with big names including Kevin Keegan and Glen McCrory endorsing the former Newcastle Falcons and British Lions rugby coach.

One of the first to benefit from Steve’s support was Cascade Cash Management, who presently support over £600m of UK savers cash. The team were delighted when he agreed to undertake sessions with them via Teams as they all began working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As well as working closely with the senior management of Cascade Cash Management, Steve has focussed on the entire team’s wellbeing and related performance, including the administration staff and client managers. Steve said:

“To be protean means that you are able to adapt and thrive in different forms and I think this is very apt in the current climate. I’ve always started by finding out what people want to achieve in their chosen field and then I’ve designed and prescribed a bespoke solution to help them to reach their goals.

“Generally my aim with Protean Solutions is to support and sustain the workforce in the North East and further afield with their personal quality control. Taking my knowledge as a leading coach, I can support individuals in the sporting world and also individuals or teams in the business world.

“The holistic approach of what I do looks at everything from thoughts and feelings, to habits, confidence, beliefs and then essentially how everything bundles up into effectiveness, results and excellence from both a mental and physical standpoint.”

Cascade Cash Management has its roots in the North East and is now a national independent and transparent service created to generate enhanced cash returns and increased protection on deposits through professional cash management, built on unique financial technology in a rapidly evolving market.

The Cascade team of eleven administer cash savings on behalf of clients and depositors, who can also use the portal to administer their own savings. Partners including IFA’s, solicitors, attorneys, accountants and many more, can also self-brand the product for presentation to their own clients.

Emma Hutchinson, Client Support Manager at Cascade, commented on the support given by Steve:

“The challenges of working from home and handling your job through a pandemic are fairly intense, so it has been a time where the support of someone so motivating and focussed has positively encouraged me.

“I have been able to analyse how I feel, look at my performance and use the experience to improve the results I am achieving for the company.

“Most companies at this time have been customer focussed to ensure their survival and whilst that top service is always important to us, it is also very reassuring to work for a business that cares about its employees just as much! Bringing Steve in to support us shows us that our wellbeing is important to the management.”

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