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Red-Hot Pizza Log Sales Thrill Wood-Fuel Supplier

Lancashire-based wood and solid-fuel supplier Logs Direct is celebrating the success of its new Piccante pizza oven log, which it launched in November 2017.

The compressed, virgin-beech pizza log was unveiled at the European Pizza and Pasta Show, staged at London’s Olympia, where it instantly caught the eye of restaurateurs operating wood-fired pizza ovens.

The product benefits – being completely food-safe and HACCP and carbon tax-compliant – have attracted chefs wanting to do everything possible to comply with food and environmental regulations.

‘Piccante’ logs are free from additives, glues and adhesives. These Italian-made eco-logs create neither carcinogenic fumes nor toxic ash, delivering another benefit of improved cleanliness beneath the oven.

Those wanting more value out of their logs and a longer burn have also been quick to place repeat orders, following their first trial of Piccante logs. The eight-sided logs have a high calorific value and rest in a way that reduces contact with the oven floor, improving air flow around it and so improving combustion. This leads to much better burn times and an oven operating with consistent heat output, thanks to a stable and predictable burn.

The easy-to-light beech log also burns with a great flame that doesn’t blacken, ensuring pizza bottoms are not tainted or singed by the fire. It allows the oven to get up to operating temperature quickly, as its dense nature means it has very little water content.

Exhibiting at the PAPA show, and at the more recent Northern Restaurant and Bar exhibition in Manchester, have led to customer acquisition in the form of restaurants based as far afield as London, Windsor and Leicester. Gourmet pizzerias have been particularly keen to take Piccante on board, believing it to be compatible with their high culinary standards.

Logs Direct sales director, Stephen Talbot, says: “We have had excellent take-up of our Piccante product following our attendance at various catering exhibitions and are delighted with the industry’s response to it. We believed that a log with its clear benefits would tick the box of the UK restaurateur, so sourced a supplier who could deliver exactly what we required.

“Piccante has a culinary meaning in Italy, which we can translate into English as ‘spicy’, but we’ve put a twist on that and applied it to the concept of heat. Our sales have certainly been red-hot as a result of our decision making and branding.”

Restaurants wishing to trial Piccante can do so at a special trial price. To take that up, call Logs Direct on 01524 812476 or email [email protected]