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Revive Management Help Recover £320 Million For Clients

Altrincham-based Revive Management is celebrating a bumper performance throughout 2019, with double-digit new client wins and a powerful track record of helping clients dramatically reduce their payment collections costs.

The fintech specialist, which provides billing and payment solutions to organisations from across the utilities, financial services, retail, insurance, and BPO sectors, has helped its clients recover over £320 million over the past year. Revive tailors proactive payments solutions, overdue payments collections services and customer feedback solutions, with its communications platform, sending out over two million messages every day.

By leveraging digital communications channels and end-users’ mobile devices, revive helps its clients streamline and automate processes such as sending out bill reminders or chasing overdue payments, and makes it easier for consumers to transition from SMS reminder to payment with a single click.

In turn, these processes slash organisations’ expenditure on collections processes. One major utilities client reduced its collections spend by 4.7% in the first year of working with Revive, whilst another client reduced its lettering by 20%. On average, Revive’s clients in 2019 saw a huge 550% return on investment throughout their first year of using Revive. Meanwhile, the efficiency and customer engagement fostered by Revive’s solution saw an average reduction in complaints by 11% across all of the company’s clients.

The company has its sights set on strong growth for this year and onboarded an additional 21 clients throughout 2019 from across all of its specialist sectors. A strong focus on digital payments using e-wallets was apparent throughout the year, and a partnership with Cybersource means Revive can now offer its clients digital wallet functionality including Visa Checkout, Apple Pay, Samsung and Google Pay.

Geoff Boudin, Sales Director at Revive, said: “We’re really pleased to have marked another fantastic year of growth and client successes, following 50% revenue growth in 2018. Inefficient payment collections processes can have an enormous impact on organisations’ cashflow and operational efficiency, and we can make a dramatic difference for our clients. We are looking forward to signing up more organisations over the coming months, continuing to develop our offering in line with evolving digital and mobile technologies, and having an even more successful 2020.”