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Rising inflation sees unprecedented demand on charity fundraisers

Carly Sells, director, Charity Escapes (centre) with the Charity Escapes team

As inflation hits 9.1 percent, a not-for-profit organisation, which supports fundraising initiatives is receiving unprecedented interest from charities experiencing a dip in donations from the public as the cost-of-living crisis squeezes.

Charity Escapes, which match-makes hospitality businesses willing to donate prizes with charitable causes, has seen enquiries more than double from 164 in Quarter 1 2021, to 379 in Q2 2022. This comes as charities face rising running costs, falling public donations and inflation eroding the value of grants and contracts — just as demand for their services is skyrocketing.

It is calling on hotels, restaurants and other hospitality venues to back charities, whose services are increasingly in demand, by offering experiences, meals and stays as prizes for fundraising events to assist in their invaluable work.

Charities are under more pressure than ever, with advisory group Charities Aid Foundation finding that 60 percent of people plan to cut discretionary spending, while nearly nine-in-10 (86 percent) charity leaders anticipate that demand for their services is likely to increase.

Charity Escapes, which works with partners across the UK, has helped third sector organisations to raise more than £750,000 since being established in 2017. It was set up by entrepreneur and philanthropist Jeremy Middleton to help good causes maximise fundraising opportunities and make corporate social responsibility easier, and more measurable, for hospitality businesses.

Carly Sells, director at Charity Escapes, said: “We have been taken aback by the surge in enquiries from charities, which is more than double the same period last year. Many are really struggling with basic running costs as inflation reaches levels not seen for more than 40 years.

“Every day we speak to charities that are doing more than ever to try to raise the funds they need to keep delivering vital work.

“We’re calling on hospitality and leisure businesses of all sizes, types and locations to get in touch. You might be a little café which can offer an afternoon tea, a hotel which can offer a minibreak, or a bar that can offer a cocktail class – all prizes are gratefully received by charities.

“It’s a tough time for everyone, but as times get harder, the more important charities become. They exist to fill the gaps left by Government, so it’s vital that they are supported to keep going.

“Charities are getting more creative, with online raffles, auctions and competitions, but without prizes that appeal to people, like those offered by our business partners, it can be hard to get engagement from members of the public, who are already cutting back on spending.”