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Separated parents urged to put differences aside for their children in unprecedented times

Advising concerned parents: Kate Banerjee (right) with fellow partners and colleagues at Jones Myers.

With schools across Yorkshire now closed, Jones Myers niche family law firm is urging divorced and separated parents to work together for the best interests of their children.
As self isolation measures are stepped up, the practice is receiving calls from concerned parents about their children’s welfare and changes in parental contact as the coronavirus continues to spread.

The firm says the severity of the situation will undoubtedly present particular challenges with children’s routines, the nature of their parents’ work – or if a parent or child are diagnosed with the virus and need to self isolate.

Kate Banerjee, head of the children’s department, advises estranged parents stay calm, put their differences aside and agree a plan which puts their children’s interests, health and wellbeing first.

Said Kate: “Children are also nervous and apprehensive with the current situation and it’s important that parents are flexible about changes in parenting time. For example, if one of them falls ill, both parents should agree on what to tell their children and keep updating them on how the other parent is affected.

“It is also essential for parents to listen to their children and try to avoid passing their anxieties onto them. Youngsters are highly sensitive and will become even more unsettled if they pick up their parents’ concerns.”

Kate also advises parents to keep reminding their children that they both love them very much and continue to explain why their daily routines may have to change for the foreseeable future.

Added Kate: “We understand empathise with the practical and emotional challenges facing everyone as the coronavirus crisis continues and social isolation measures increase.
“Working together in a mutual spirit of cooperation and collaboration is crucial to ensure the needs and sensitivities of children remain a priority throughout and beyond these extraordinary circumstances.”

With offices in Leeds, Harrogate and York, Jones Myers has been consistently ranked in a joint Top Tier position by the Legal 500 and Chambers guides alongside national practices for over two decades.

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