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Shipster’s Sail to Success Continues- Winning Manchester Evening News Small Business of the Year!

Shipster Team (Oddsphere Ltd.) Win Again. This time Manchester Evening News Small Company of the Year. Photo: www.ayeshaphotography.com.

Shipster, a shipping software company based in Manchester, has been crowned the ‘Small Business of the Year’ at the prestigious Manchester Evening News (MEN) Business Awards. The company, a part of Oddsphere Ltd, has been on an impressive winning streak since 2021, and this latest accolade further solidifies its position as a leading tech company in the region.

The MEN Business Awards, held at the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, honored outstanding brands and businesses in the local area. With a history spanning 31 years, the awards recognized companies of all sizes, from well-known high-street names to smaller, specialized enterprises. Shipster’s victory in the ‘Small Business of the Year’ category is a testament to its exceptional growth and contribution to the Greater Manchester region.

Shipster, founded in 2016 by Tony Cheetham, has experienced remarkable success through organic growth, primarily driven by word of mouth. The company’s shipping software platform provides over 100 online retailers with customizable shipping rules and documents, enabling them to achieve compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness. Notably, three of Shipster’s eCommerce clients are featured on The Times’ list of fastest-growing businesses, highlighting the software’s impact on their success.

Beyond the company’s impressive client base, Shipster has always placed great emphasis on its team. By investing in employee benefits, support systems, and generous holiday allowances, the company has nurtured a dedicated and talented workforce, currently comprising 14 individuals. Despite doubling in size in recent years, Shipster has successfully maintained its small business ethos while delivering the expertise and quality associated with larger, established organizations. The company’s growth was further accelerated by investment from Fearless Adventures in 2022.

Tony Cheetham, Shipster Founder & MD, said: “We are really happy to have won! It’s really a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team.

“We can’t wait to continue growing as a business and investing in our people – and seeing what’s next for Shipster.”

Shipster Founder & Marketing Director, Hayley Cowburn, added: “It was a fantastic evening and we’re over the moon to have had the team’s hard work recognised in such a brilliant way. We couldn’t be prouder of ourselves as a Manchester business.”

Shipster’s success can be attributed to its strong partnerships, consistent development of new products and services, and its ability to make a real difference to its customer base. These factors made the company a deserving recipient of the ‘Small Business of the Year’ award. As Shipster looks to the future, it is clear that the company will continue to thrive and leave an indelible mark on the business landscape in the North of England.