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Simon on the StreetsSimon on the Streets is an independent charity which is based and was founded in Yorkshire. Simon on the Streets’ mission is to meet the complex needs of people who are unable or unwilling to access mainstream services. The charity’s main focus is upon people who are homeless and in particular those who sleep rough.

Simon on the Streets are independent of statutory funding as this allows them to carry out their work free from restrictions, whilst providing tailor-made support to the individuals who need it. The charity achieves their goal of supporting people towards their aspirations and achieving a sustainable, positive change, by guiding them away from their harmful lives in the margins of society.

The support provided by Simon on the Streets is offered on a purely outreach basis and without any time limits. Emotional support is recognised for its high value, whilst the charity’s workers aim to build quality relationships with service users, regardless of how long this can take to achieve.

From providing emotional support for its own sake and placing a focus upon those who are unsupported by other agencies, Simon on the Streets work with hard to reach individuals to enable them to make positive changes.

As an independent charity, Simon on the Streets is entirely dependent on donations and the valuable work carried out by their team of volunteers. If you would like to find out more about the life-changing work carried out by Simon on the Streets, to make a donation or join their team, please visit their website.