Sofa Manufacturer Invests in Playful Rebrand

Sofa Manufacturer Invests in Playful Rebrand


Lancashire-based Lovely Sofas has invested in a playful rebrand to reposition itself in a competitive marketplace. With 30 years of industry presence in the form of its parent company Saxon Furniture Group, the brand had been in hibernation and was in need of a refresh.

Tasked with the creative rebrand, Yorkshire branding agency 10 Associates has developed a strategy to breathe new life into the brand, enabling it to truly live up to its name.

A large part of 10’s strategy focused on redefining what ‘Lovely’ means, bringing them to the conclusion that it means lots of different things to different people. This lead them to the key insight, ‘We Don’t Define Lovely, You Do’, empowering customers to create their own ‘#LifeofLovely’. By doing so, Lovely Sofas would demonstrate that, as a brand, they understood that one size doesn’t fit all, celebrating and facilitating consumer individuality.

Matt Deighton, MD of Saxon Furniture Ltd commented, “The Lovely Sofas brand had been in hibernation, so we tasked 10 Associates with bringing it back to life. They totally nailed our brand proposition by redefining what ‘lovely’ meant. The Big Idea ‘Life of Lovely’ builds a compelling and engaging brand story with a distinct tone of voice. The launch of the brand correlates with a fantastic new portfolio of sofa styles and fabric ranges. We are proud and excited to relaunch the Lovely Sofas brand which now truly delivers on its name. Lovely!”

Nikki Phillipson, Account Director at 10 Associates added, “The world of manufacturing has changed, you can no longer just make something great – that’s not enough to cut through the noise and stand out from the competition. Lovely Sofas has a wonderful product, exceptional customer service and now a charismatic brand to boot. We can’t wait to see the results!”

The playful new branding is live on Lovely Sofas’ website and will live on all future collateral.