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SPINR enlisted by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue to help those most vulnerable

The SPINR team

SPINR, the data and API integration company, announced they are working with SYFR to facilitate data sharing between public sector organisations and the fire and rescue service. Only by working together in this way is it possible to identify those in need, so that targeted home visits can be carried out to the elderly and most vulnerable members of the community, ensuring they receive a full fire risk assessment.

The scheme embraces all partners and local organisations working together to effectively identify people from high risk and excluded groups. Some of the people considered most at risk are:

– Over 65
– Live alone
– Have a physical or learning disability
– Have a sensory or cognitive impairment, including dementia or memory loss
– Take any medication that may affect their ability to react to or escape from fire
– Are unable to protect themselves from harm in any way

SYFR store their own data internally in their IT systems, as do the other local partners involved in the scheme. However, only by sharing information is it possible to effectively identify and target resources at people most at risk of fire injury. SYFR has been on a digital transformation journey for some time, marking them out as one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking fire and rescue services in the UK. Assisting them to fulfil this transformation is SPINR’s sister company Shaping Cloud, from which the SPINR licence was purchased through G-Cloud 10.

The data sharing capability provided by SPINR signals the beginning of what is possible when public services organisations work together to protect vulnerable citizens. SYFR intend to continue to introduce these working arrangements with other partners, including local police forces and NHS trusts. The purpose is to enhance the accuracy of the information held by SYFR regarding people living throughout the region that fall into any of the high-risk categories. Enriching their own in-house data with information held by partners means the fire service could be notified immediately to changes. Working in partnership to keep information as relevant and up-to-date as possible, allows fire crews to act in a highly efficient and targeted way.

Steven Locking, IT Manager for SYFR said: “There is increasing evidence that people at greatest risk of fire-related death or serious injury are from vulnerable or hard to reach groups and are already known to statutory, private and voluntary sector organisations. It is therefore vital that local public services focus on partnership, working to improve identification and access to those most at risk in our communities.

We feel it is our duty to help promote this scheme by bringing our local partners together in the spirit of protecting the most vulnerable members of society. Only by enriching our information systems with readily available partner information, can we be highly responsive and targeted in order to get to the most vulnerable in time.”

Carlos Oliveira, CEO of SPINR and Shaping Cloud added: “We are proud to partner with SYFR and be involved in such an important life-saving initiative. This demonstrates how data can be used for the public good, something we are passionate about and is exactly why we developed SPINR.

The multi-year agreement with SYFR, is the ideal platform for us to work collaboratively to facilitate vital information sharing across the public sector throughout South Yorkshire. If we are to take the evidence related to high-risk groups seriously, then schemes like this are critical to the prevention of harm and avoidable loss of life.”