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Start up in the North West won a UK Business Hero Award for supporting front-line workers during the pandemic

Matt Banks-Crompton, Managing Director, Vector Consumer Ltd

The Wirral Chamber of Commerce has awarded a UK Business Hero Award 2020 to Vector Consumer Ltd, a start-up based in the North West. The award recognises the company’s outstanding contribution in suppling much needed PPE to front-line workers since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak but also in continuing to grow and invest in a newly formed, global company.

Vector Consumer Ltd was established in November 2019 and specialises in supplying PPE as well as creating game-changing brands in the global consumer healthcare market. Since March this year, the start-up has provided tens of millions of masks and gloves to front-line workers and has recently launched a brand of disposable face masks and anti-bacterial products, VC Protect, at a competitive price, making it accessible to everyone.

“We are very proud to receive the UK Business Hero Award and to play a part in helping essential workers in these difficult times, especially when a lot of NHS staff were lacking PPEs at the beginning of the pandemic. They are the true heroes!” Matt Banks-Crompton, Managing Director , Vector Consumer Ltd.

With the skyrocketing cases of Covid-19 hitting our country, it is even more pivotal now to not only support our front-line workers, but also help everyone to defend their everyday.

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