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Stockport-based Calldrip secures contract with Renault UK

151 Renault car dealerships, including Lookers in Stockport, are set to benefit from the latest speed of response technology from Stockport-based Calldrip.

As part of its ‘Instant Connect Programme’, Renault has employed the technology to boost sales and conversions and is the first car manufacturer in the UK to do so.

Customers will be contacted faster than ever before when their submitted online enquiry on the Renault UK website is captured by Calldrip and converted into a phone call, connecting them with a sales executive at their local dealership in less than 30 seconds.

Results from a recent pilot scheme demonstrate a direct correlation between dealer connection with the customer and sales conversion rates. During the pilot there were 586 calls of which 396 were connected giving a 68 per cent connection rate; of those connected, 174 appointments were made (44 per cent) resulting in a conversion to order rate of 13 per cent for those on the pilot compared to seven per cent for the rest of the network.

Based on these strong results, Renault has confirmed it will roll out the technology to the rest of the dealer network over the next few months.

Allistair Carmichael from Calldrip commented: “We are very excited with the results of the Renault pilot which clearly demonstrates how the Calldrip technology can help businesses significantly increase sales conversions. The initial integration with Renault has gone well; the network is already reporting incredible results, with some dealers in the programme seeing a 96 per cent connection rate with customers in under 30 seconds.

“The scoring of recorded calls is also proving invaluable as a training and coaching tool for sales managers within the retail network helping to further improve and enhance customer service. We’re looking forward to rolling out the technology to the rest of the UK.”

Calldrip is a privately held, fast-growing company with head offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, and European offices in Bramhall, Cheshire. For more than 10 years, Calldrip has been dedicated to helping businesses in a variety of different industries maximise sales by responding immediately to new enquiries. Years of experience has enabled the company to develop a suite of sales automation tools that are now deployed by thousands of businesses worldwide.