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Stockport Council Sets Out Climate Plans at Sustainability In Action Summit

The Council is acting to help businesses combat climate change

Stockport Council will set out its climate action plans at the One+All Sustainability In Action Summit (6th October at The Light Cinema, Stockport). The Council is driving sustainability across the borough through its Climate Action Now (CAN) strategy and has set a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2038.

Speaking at the Sustainability In Action Summit which is being delivered by One+All in partnership with Marketing Stockport, the Council’s newly appointed Head of Climate Action Now, Nick Leslie, will lay-out the Council’s seven key workstream carbon reduction priorities. These include:

  1. Stockport Council CAN – leading the way to build climate action into everything it does;
  2. Sustainable financial appraisal – Putting climate impact at the heart of the council by introducing a new model of financial appraisal;
  3. Climate friendly borough – Working with businesses and local people to take action;
  4. Low carbon buildings – Delivering more energy efficient homes and buildings
  5. Renewable energy – Making sure that the future energy needs of the borough can be met in a sustainable way;
  6. Sustainable transport – Moving to carbon-free transport options and increasing walking, cycling and the use of public transport;
  7. Natural environment – Protecting and enhancing our natural environment.

It’s estimated that businesses based in the Stockport area account for 25 per cent of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions across the borough. The Council is therefore acting to help businesses combat climate change and the CAN strategy is at the root of this.

Nick Leslie, Stockport Council’s Head of Climate Action Now, says, “By working together to promote links across the business community to share best practice and enhance business’ approach to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, we can collectively tackle one of the greatest issues of our time.”

“The CAN strategy will be at the heart of all decision making made by the Council and so it’s important for businesses to engage with this strategy in order to enhance their own fight against climate change.”

The Council is undertaking work to incorporate the CAN strategy across all areas of its operations, and this will impact businesses throughout the region. How the Council procures goods and services, grants planning permission, and invests and leads on regeneration projects will all have the CAN strategy and climate emergency in the forefront of their design and delivery.

Stockport businesses are encouraged to attend the One+All Sustainability In Action Summit to learn how they can be supported by the Council and other organisations as they start on their sustainability journey. Registrations are free at Eventbrite