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Successful launch for the Manchester Business Catalyst Club

Entrepreneurs at The Manchester Business Catalyst Club launch

Directors and business owners from more than 70 companies attended the recent launch of the Manchester Business Catalyst Club.

The invitation-only “dealmaker” lunch events are designed to deliver added value to new and existing business relationships, bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and decision makers to share new and exciting business opportunities with like-minded people at the right level.

Initially launched in Leeds, the Business Catalyst Club has now expanded into Manchester following a huge demand from businesses across the North West.

Manchester’s first event was a full house, attended by decision makers from a range of SMEs and companies across the North West and attracted guests from as far afield as London, Nottingham, Leicester and Leeds.

Each event also provides an effective platform for a small number of companies seeking growth capital to showcase their proposals to members and guests, many of whom are private or institutional investors and lenders.

Business Catalyst Club director Graham Shiers said: “We were delighted with the success of our first Manchester event. Our events are successful in no small part due to the level and quality of our guests. There were two tables of guests still deep in conversation more than three hours after the 2pm finish and I’ve been approached by a number people who attended the event with a range of opportunities, including a multimillion-pound property deal which has already been introduced to potential funders.

“People are also able to tap into Business Catalyst Finance, which enables us to add even more value, broadening the way we help entrepreneurs and business owners”.

Business Catalyst Finance provides financial support tailored to the individual needs of a business through a range of funding options, including commercial property finance, business loans and venture capital, along with alternative finance opportunities including asset-based lending and peer-to-peer lending.”

Each lunch features a charity draw, with guests asked to make a voluntary donation on arrival and the collection donated in full to a charity nominated by the winner of the draw. To date this year, the draw has raised £2,650 which has benefited a range of organisations, including hospices and children’s charities.

The Manchester draw was won by Chris Cox, MD of the digital consultancy Made by Bridge, who nominated mental health support organisation Andy’s Man Club to receive the £420 raised at the lunch.

The next Manchester Business Catalyst Club lunch is on Thursday, 14th February 2019.

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