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Tailor-Made Media repositions as Yorkshire’s first sustainable-marketing agency

Samantha Ware, Tailor-Made Media founder

Award-winning, York-based, digital marketing agency, Tailor-Made Media – which credits its success on taking its local, national and international clients on a strategic journey – has repositioned itself as a sustainable-marketing agency, the first of its kind in Yorkshire.

Over the past 18 months, the agency has worked with clients to tailor and deliver authentic, hard-hitting, sustainable strategies for the likes of the United Nations, Bright Green Plastics and Yorwaste, which not only gave them a competitive edge, but made a difference to the world.

From ethical PR, provocative creative outputs and even lobbying tactics, the agency has helped many of its clients ‘do the right thing’ and has committed to continuing to do so with pioneering sustainable strategies. For example, the agency’s recent campaign for Castleford-based Bright Green Plastics saw the firm join forces with MP Alec Sherbrooke to get the attention of Rishi Sunak, with its call for plastic recycling subsidy reform.

Sam Ware, founder and CEO of Tailor-Made Media comments: “Sustainable and environmentally-friendly marketing is the future. Businesses want to be ethical, however, coming-up with, and delivering on, sustainability promises is not always as straight-forward as it first seems.

“We work closely with our clients to understand and lead on their values and develop industry-leading campaigns that demonstrate to their customers and stakeholders that they’re prepared to act. We believe every organisation is able to make a difference – it’s about establishing what that difference is”

The agency has a proven track record of delivering ethical results, creating campaigns that tap into the public’s social conscience, motivating them to get on-board and spread the message. The BIG Upcycle campaign the agency developed for environmentally friendly North Yorkshire waste management firm, Yorwaste, was conceived during lockdown and delivered through a smart digital strategy, to encourage the public to recycle, not ditch, their waste – with the most superior efforts being auctioned for NHS charities.

The agency is also adept in collaborating with industry influencers and insiders, harnessing the voices of politicians, celebrities, and senior business leaders to share thought-provoking videos and content to encourage their followers to act.

On a more local level, the Tailor-Made Media team recently helped Austin Hayes, the specialist, Leeds-based coating firm, join forces with the Defence General Munitions Packaging team to transform 250 tonnes of surplus wood packaging materials into office furniture. This not only kept perfectly good materials out of landfill, but altered company culture and forged a long-term, sustainable partnership.

As a result, the agency’s reputation for delivering effective sustainable marketing strategies and initiatives has already attracted the attention of major new clients in the renewable energy and sustainable clothing sector. Moving-forward, Tailor-Made Media will place CSR at the heart of all its clients’ campaigns, helping them develop appropriate initiatives, such as community or environmental schemes, or work with them to enhance existing ethical practices.

Fran Charnley, head of marketing at Tailor-Made Media adds: “Every business has the means to do some good in the world, whether it’s helping people on its doorstep, or supporting the protection of the Amazon rainforest. The truth is, most customers, employees and stakeholders want to be associated with ethical companies, ones that walk-the-walk. We’re here to ensure their marketing strategies send out strong and authentic messages to their target audiences.”

Tailor-Made Media is committed to running a sustainable, ethical business, from its environmentally friendly office space, with extensive recycling facilities to secure bike storage, to its flexible working policies. What’s more, the business is committed to working towards using clean and sustainable materials, power and technology wherever possible.