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Talentful on mission to bring London-based tech candidates to the North-West

Talentful - Founder and co-CEO Chris Abbass (left) & Manchester Director Liam Waite (right)

Last year, 10,200 people* made the move from London to Manchester, with many making the move back to the region after leaving the North-West for the capital.

Talentful – the team building specialists for the world’s biggest tech brands – is committed to increasing this number even further by showcasing some of the North-West’s best tech companies at an exclusive event in the capital next month to attract the top London-based jobseekers to the region.

Manchester is now the UK’s biggest tech hub outside of London – the digital tech turnover in the city climbing by 4% to £3.2bn last year, with over 70,000 digital jobs, and the event in Shoreditch, London will raise awareness of tech opportunities in Manchester to the best London-based candidates.

The event, hosted by Talentful’s Director of Manchester, Liam Waite, on 13th June, will also provide further information about what makes the North-West such a brilliant place to live and work.

The format of the event will include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • A careers-style fair with free stands for 25 of Manchester and the North West’s best businesses.
  • Experts presenting on specialist subjects such as housing prices in Manchester, local VC investment, the cost of living and relocation experts.
  • Examples by individuals who have made the move up north – and why they’ve not looked back!

This event is part of a commitment by Talentful to facilitate the continued growth of the technology sector in Manchester, which also includes recently partnering with Code Nation. Code Nation are on a mission to enable individuals from all walks of life to thrive in Industry 4.0, as well as to solve the ever-growing digital skills shortage in the UK, and Talentful are delighted to be supporting Code Nation in the mission.

Liam Waite, Talentful Director of Manchester, said: “I was born and bred in Manchester but, like a lot of people, moved to London to begin my career after university. I have recently returned to Manchester and haven’t looked back! At Talentful, we have immersed ourselves in the thriving tech community here in order to continue the growth of the region.

Now, we’re really excited to be promoting working and living in Manchester directly to the most talented London-based tech candidates – some who may be looking for a move back to the region and some who would be experiencing the North-West for the first time.”

Talentful is on a mission to fulfil human potential, believing talented people can achieve anything if they are matched in the right culture and team. The team provides flexible in-house talent acquisition teams for the world’s most ambitious brands and have worked with some of the biggest startups in the region, including LadBible, Arctic Shores, BeyondTrust and TickX.

* Office for National Statistics