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Taylor&Emmet backs digital divorce mandate

Michaela Evans, Taylor&Emmet's head of family law.

Family law experts at Sheffield’s Taylor&Emmet LLP are welcoming news from the courts that filing for divorce will have to be done online from September.

As of September 13, using the digital divorce process will become mandatory for all solicitors, in a bid to speed up the system.

Michaela Evans, Taylor&Emmet’s head of family law, said: “We committed to the courts’ online portal some time ago and process all divorces this way. It is much quicker for clients and significantly reduces our paper consumption. We are pleased to hear the system is to become compulsory, as it will drive change among those who refuse to acknowledge the positive impact technology can have on our profession.”

There are some exemptions from the digital divorce process, namely civil partnerships, judicial separation and nullity, which may still be submitted to the courts in paper form after September 13.

Michaela added: “All centralised attempts to modernise the family law system will ultimately benefit our clients, ensuring divorces can be dealt with more swiftly and efficiently than they are at present. Since adopting the digital system, we have taken great strides forward in this respect and we are actively helping the firm achieve its target of reducing paper consumption by 50% this year.”