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Taylor&Emmet property expert speaks to students

Taylor&Emmet residential property expert, Sarah Khatib.

A residential property specialist from Sheffield’s Taylor&Emmet LLP is sharing her knowledge with local law students, to give them first hand insight into life at a busy firm.

Taylor&Emmet partner, Sarah Khatib, has been invited to conduct a guest lecture at SHU Law next week, demonstrating how legal theory is applied in practise.

Held on August 10, Sarah will be speaking to post and undergraduate students working at SHU Law, a not-for-profit law firm run by Sheffield Hallam University to provide a platform for education and widen access to justice. She will discuss how the law surrounding planning permissions and building regulations approvals is used to resolve issues for clients, as well as detailing a day in the life of a busy solicitor.

This is the second consecutive year Sarah has volunteered to speak to SHU Law students. She said: “I believe guidance and support from practising solicitors is key to developing the student’s skills required for entry into the legal profession and I am keen to pass my knowledge and enthusiasm onto the next generation.

“I spend a great deal of time dealing with issues surrounding planning permissions and building regulation approvals and I want to highlight how they can be resolved successfully for clients through the practical application of the law to very real properties. By giving SHU Law students an open, honest insight into my working day, I hope to inspire the next generation of solicitors and give honest feedback on life in private practice. I thoroughly enjoy my job and hope my passion will ignite the same love of the subject in others.”