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Tech Talks to Spark Debate with Specialists Joining as Speakers

Think Summits will once again encourage the meeting of minds with the introduction of Tech Talks, taking place on Thursday 20 February from 6pm to 9pm at Sky Betting and Gaming in Sheffield.

Bringing together leading experts from the technology community, Tech Talks provides a platform and opportunity for businesses and employees within the IT and tech industry to meet, discuss and learn from others in the field.

Inspiring the exchange of knowledge, Stephan Broek, Operations Manager at Sky Betting and Gaming and Michael Roper, System Architect at Sopra Banking Software, will both be welcomed as headline speakers.

Taking the first speaking slot of the evening, Stephan will address how to organise for planned major events where a website will have to cope with multiple times the normal traffic and level of engagement or functionality.

Meanwhile, Michael will tackle IT architecture, explaining how to pick the most appropriate solution amongst an ever-increasing myriad of options. From languages and frameworks, to patterns and practices, he will explain how every day brings something new for developers to consider.

Gareth Hammond, Senior Recruitment Consultant at iSource Group and event organiser, comments:

“Tech Talks is all about bringing people from the industry together to discuss, debate and learn. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, we aim to be an inclusive community where everyone’s insight is valued. We’re really looking forward to hearing from our speakers who will be tackling very different, but equally interesting, topics.

“Creating these opportunities and encouraging people that work in tech to come together is a huge focus for us. It means that we can address the subjects that matter most to our colleagues and consider solutions as a collective, rather than as individuals. It goes back to our basic principles; we are stronger together.”

Hosted by iSource Group, the IT, digital and change management experts based in Leeds, the event is free to attend. For further information and to register, search ‘Think Tech Talks’ on eventbrite.