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The Future of Communication

York-based tech company, 2mee, is the world’s first and only Instant Human Hologram Messaging platform.  We caught up with them to find out how they aim to use next-generation communication technology to transform messaging and revolutionise engagement.

Can you tell us more about 2mee’s backstory? What is your involvement with the University of York and with IBM?

2mee has one mission and that is to try and create a better way for people to message each other in the digital world, to create a more empathetic means of messaging that takes us to a more human level of engagement. The closest we have all come to creating levels of emotion around a text message is to add an emoji. We have been based at the University of York since 2014, working closely with the university faculties to develop and patent a technology that sends ‘people as messages’, or as we call them ‘holograms’, across web, app and mixed reality channels. In addition, we have forged very close ties to IBM whose engineers helped to plan, devise and build the SaaS platform that creates, stores, sends and reports on hologram messages. Hologram messages can now be delivered instantly to just one person or millions of devices in the blink of an eye.

How does the technology actually work? And how can it be used by businesses and brands to drive engagement with their audiences?

2mee’s technology is as simple as it is powerful. It has been developed to facilitate face-to-face communication between businesses/brands and their target audiences. It allows them to capture and transmit people as messages to foster an emotional connection with the end user. This human touch, and the empathy it creates, delivers unprecedented engagement.

In terms of how it works, it offers an incredibly intuitive interface which masks an advanced marketing system. Simply record the person delivering the message from any setting using the smartphone in their pocket then our algorithms recognise the human form and cut out the surrounding clutter. This message can then be delivered to large audiences or highly segmented groups or even individuals.

Are there any particular sectors, industries or businesses where it is particularly effective?

2mee is sector and industry agnostic, allowing all businesses and brands to leverage the power of emotional marketing and direct human communication. This includes sports clubs and gambling operators as well as marketing agencies, government departments, comparison sites, health providers, supermarkets and everything in between. All businesses in all sectors can benefit from generating an emotional connection with their target audience, whether they are B2C or B2B, and that is what makes 2mee such a revolutionary marketing and communication platform.

Can other service providers such as agencies leverage your technology? If so, how?

Absolutely. We already have multiple agency partnerships including OMG who are offering our technology to their clients to help them engage customers on a whole new level across the retail, gaming, travel and hospitality sectors. In addition, our game-changing HoloAd product is bringing together publishers and advertisers, allowing brand ambassadors to innovatively engage and drive traffic to acquire or retain users.

What are the key advantages of hologram messages when compared to other more traditional forms of communication?

It is the way in which the build an authentic, emotional connection between the business/brand and the customer/consumer. Direct human messaging allows for communication across key channels and touchpoints with humour, trust and sincerity – in short, with empathy. We are all instinctively drawn to the human face and have a desire to experience that unique bond between two people. Hologram messages allow businesses and brands to leverage this and use it to unlock engagement rates that are simply unrivalled.

Is the hype around hologram messages real? Can you share an example of just how powerful they are when it comes to engaging audiences and building strong connections?

The hype around hologram messages is very real and the partners that we have been working with are a testament to this. We recently ran a campaign with Switch Water Supplier, a company that allows businesses to compare the open water market and change provider, which led to a 110% surge in click-to-conversion rates and a 27% increase in customer service enquiries. Then there is Heart Bingo – it used brand ambassador Olly Murs to create and deliver a series of hologram messages to players which saw a 37% increase in click-through rates and a 27% rise in customer account log-ins.

These numbers don’t lie and make it clear just how effective human hologram messages can be when it comes to engaging audiences and driving them to act.