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The Innovative Face of Corporate Clothing

Get ready to meet Clubclass Corporate Clothing, the brand that’s unabashedly bursting onto the scene with a style that’s staunchly opposed to the hum drum drapery of the corporate clothing culture.

If you’ve not heard of them before, you will, as these industry disruptors have a lot to prove.

Clubclass are launching innovative collections to the corporate clothing industry, bespoke work includes manufacturing of garments such as jumpsuits for high end hotels.

Their whole operation is a breath of fresh air for the sector; their agile way of working is reflective of the fast-paced, disruptive companies taking other industries by storm.

Deep roots in the industry and unapparelled expertise in supply chain mean that there’s rapid deployment of stock tailoring with next day delivery options.

Clubclass are raising the bar with their new collections; the Envee range obliterates industry standards.

With sustainability and durability at the core of the fabric and the design, the fresh face of the corporatewear market are ushering in the age of Fabric 2.0.

There’s never been a collection where the wearer has been so considered in the R&D process. Even the most practical of offerings have had a high fashion reboot.
Resoundingly modern; resolutely smart.

The Envee collection has been painstakingly crafted using innovative fabric that has stretch in the wrap and the weft to allow for incomparable comfort for the full working day.

MD of Stuncroft and pioneer of the new wave of corporatewear, Douglas Bailey had this to say:
“We’re extremely proud of our the Envee Collection. It’s exactly what we stand for as a company, brave and forward thinking, and we’re excited to see it out in the market”.

The extraordinary inaugural outing the new Envee range saw an invite-only warehouse fashion show; the sartorial market equivalent of a mic drop.

The brand-new collection touts the strapline ‘The Luxury of Movement’, and rightly so, as two professionally trained free movement dancers put the garments to the test on the catwalk at the launch.

Dusting off industry norms the Envee collection has been developed with modern concerns in mind. On average 45 recycled plastic bottles have been used to produce every garment.

There’s a real understanding of the cutting-edge nuances in the market reflected in every facet of the Clubclass brand and they’re ready to make some rumbles.