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The Liverpool start-up factory bringing jobs and investment to the North Docks

Nova plans to create a further 40 startups this year from their new North Docks base.

Tech start-up cofoundery Nova, originally based in the Baltic Triangle, has completed its relocation to the North Docks area. Nova has already generated over £100million in shareholder value, and has shareholders including Sir Terry Leahy and Bill Currie. Its decision to relocate will bring new investment, jobs and businesses to the area, kick-starting a wider wave of regeneration across North Liverpool and securing the city’s position as a technology powerhouse.

Nova provides mentoring, investment, guidance, and a team of staff for entrepreneurs, to help them turn ideas into successful, tech start-ups. The move to the North Docks follows Nova’s achievement of an 83% portfolio growth rate, which it has achieved year on year for the past nine years, more than doubling the industry standard of 34%*.

Following the rapid expansion of the company, Nova is finalising its renovations of Box Studios in the North Docks, an area primed for revitalisation. Nova is one of the first in a wave of residents moving their base up to the North Docks in the midst of huge investment and regeneration of this area. Other local trailblazing regeneration projects include the nearby tobacco warehouse, the Ten Streets project, and Everton football clubs proposed new stadium, all less than half a mile from Nova’s new headquarters.

Nova has plans to create a further 40 start-ups by the end of 2019. This is in addition to the more than 80 tech start-ups Nova has already co-founded. Nova start-ups are proven to be more successful than the industry average; more than 50% of Nova start-ups are still flourishing after 3 years – a much higher success rate than the industry average of 10%.

Upon entering the new North Docks HQ, visitors are greeted with a ground floor dedicated entirely to all of Nova’s start-up founders, with a free co-working space designed to foster a collaborative and innovative environment.

The office near Sandhills station currently has over 70 full-time staff members based there, who all receive free, healthy lunches supplied by Nova on a daily basis in the new kitchen, bar and dining area. Further changes to the building have included opening each floor into an open plan office space, repointing the external brickwork, and creating an event space that will be used for everything from workshops and company presentations to talks from guest speakers to yoga. Recently the room hosted a talk from world renowned entrepreneurship author Ash Maurya.

The new renovations come at a time when Nova is fast expanding. Working spaces for more than 100 new employees have been created, as well as six new meeting rooms. Nova has also installed separate spaces dedicated specifically to its in-house marketing and design team, software developers, and start-up mentors.

Andy Davidson, CEO of Nova, commented:

“We are thrilled to be establishing our base in the North Docks.. Being so close to projects like Make Liverpool and the Ten Streets Regeneration means we are at the centre of the action, and by renovating the building specifically to our needs we have been able to create a space to allow us to continue to grow and to encourage the creativity of our entrepreneurs and employees.”