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The Most Promising North West Businesses in the Aerospace Industry in 2020

The north west has become a central hub for numerous industries. It’s a newfound home for all manner of tech and digital companies, and companies as big as Amazon are setting up shop in Manchester city centre. Another industry that calls the north west home is the aerospace sector, and it has grown exponentially in recent years.

As part of our ongoing appreciation for the north west and its diverse industrial nature, here are some of the most promising aerospace companies that are at the forefront of their work. Oh, and they’re all based in the north west.

Hollygate Aircraft Components

Part of the Hyde Group which launched in Hyde (Greater Manchester) in 1968, Hollycraft Aircraft Components started out as a five-man outfit and grew into one of the UK’s biggest aerospace and defence manufacturers. They’re now based in Stockport and employ a vast team of engineers and experts.

AD Aerospace

Another Stockport company, AD Aerospace have served the civil aircraft industry for over 20 years and have even been recognised by the industry with a prestigious Boeing Key Vendor award. From their humble Stockport beginnings, AD Aerospace has expanded its influence across the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Aside from their Stockport HQ in Hazel Grove, they have three other outposts: one on the American west coast, one in the United Arab Emirates, and one in Malaysia.

Merc Aerospace

Based in Barrowford, Lancashire, Merc Aerospace are specialists in the manufacture of high precision components for aircrafts, engines and thrust reversers. Their influence extends not just to the aerospace industry, but also defence, petrochemical, and energy. They’ve been chipping away at the aerospace industry for over forty years and, in that time, have cemented their place in the tradition of innovation in the north west. Merc Aerospace serves a range of reputable aerospace clients, from Airbus and Bombardier to BAE Systems.

Junair Spraybooths

As esteemed manufacturers of spray booth ovens with applications for industries not exclusive to aerospace (they also serve the industrial sector, as well as commercial and automotive), Junair Spraybooths have built up quite the reputation in the aerospace field. They specialise in providing bespoke paint finishing solutions across all sectors, and manage the whole installation process. Situated in Heywood, Manchester, they are able to deploy comprehensive service and maintenance teams across the whole of the UK.


Based in Liverpool (Liverpool John Lennon Airport, to be specific), Ravenair has served the aerospace industry for quite some time and boasts a wide spread of services. Not only does it provide a charter service, Ravenair is also a qualified flying school and carries out aerial surveys (for anything from airborne photography to reconnaissance). They started out as a small flying school based at Manchester Airport in the early 1980s but, in a decade’s time, made the move to neighbouring Liverpool, where they have built the company tenfold.

Aerospace in the North West

As the north west continues to challenge London for business, the aerospace industry continues to grow. The above businesses have stuck a flag in their respective north west homes and are shining examples of the region’s industrial nature. The industry is healthy, and continues to grow – these companies look set to overcome all obstacles. We’re sure you will be hearing more of them in future.