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The only ‘Bubble House’ you want to be in this NYE! Seven Bro7hers launch two final beers of 2020

Bubble house, one of the new beers in the SEVEN BRO7HERS Lockdown 2.0 series

Get a shake on and try SEVEN BRO7HERS two brand new ‘lockdown 2.0’ beers – ‘Bubble House’ brut IPA and ‘Don’t Milk it’ IPA.

The brother’s today launch a brand-new, limited edition, vegan milkshake IPA. This full-bodied and sweet beer, has a touch of vanilla that gives the beer a pop of flavour reminiscent of milkshakes. The 5.7% ABV beer is available in 440ml cans exclusively on the webshop, RRP £4.25.

CEO Keith McAvoy from SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWING CO, said: “Following the popularity of our sweeter beers, such as the Marshmallow Stout, we are often asked for a vegan equivalent – something that offers a milky flavour without dairy. For anyone looking to take on Veganuary at the start of 2021, this could be the perfect pint.”

And New Year’s Eve bubbles just took on a whole new meaning – step aside 12 o’clock champagne this year we’re seeing in 2021 with a ‘Brut IPA’.

Waving adios to 2020, SEVEN BRO7HERS, on Friday, unveiled ‘Bubble House’ a celebration IPA. A beer designed to toast the new year with those who matter most.

This fresh and dry brut IPA is the perfect way to celebrate your bubble, the flirty combination of hobs brings out flavours of white grape and a punch of tropical fruit. Also vegan, the 5.6% ABV beer is available in 440ml cans exclusively on the webshop, RRP £4.25

CEO Keith McAvoy from SEVEN BRO7HERS BREWING CO, said: “Everything about this beer tastes like letting your hair down and having fun in your bubble – we really wanted to finish the year with a celebration pint.”

The Vegan Milkshake IPA and Bubble House brut IPA are the final beers in the SEVEN BRO7HERS limited-edition series. It joins the Rye IPA and the brewery’s first gose beer ‘Salty Tiers’. The lockdown beers were crafted to lift people’s spirits through heavy restrictions in the run up to the holiday season.

Until Tier 3 restrictions lift in Greater Manchester, SEVEN BRO7HERS beer houses and taproom bar will remain closed.

However, the party can always continue at home, as the brothers have teamed up with their siblings SIS4ERS Distillery, and Salford Roasters, to sell beer, gin, hot chocolate and coffee hampers via its webshop.

Keith added: “We have been overwhelmed by the response to our webshop this Christmas. Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign hit 1000% more sales than last year, selling more than 40,000 of cans of beer over the discount weekend. We encourage people to continue to support independents, as it makes all the difference when businesses are facing into restrictions.

“We have seen a huge shift in our business, growing our webshop sales by 90 percent and expanding our brewery site to meet demand.

“At every hurdle or drastic change to restrictions, we have been shown nothing but loyalty by our customers, something we will be forever grateful for. We go into next year in a strong position and we are growing. We can’t wait to reopen our beer house doors, and to welcome Liverpool and Leeds into our family as we launch our new sites in 2021.”

The brewery was founded in 2014 by McAvoy brothers, Guy, Keith, Luke, Daniel, Nathan, Kit, and Greg, inspired by their dad’s home-brewing in their cellar at home.

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