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The Shorelines Project heads to Glasgow for COP26 talks

Calvin Innes, CEO of DA Creative Studio

Organisers of Hull’s Shorelines Project will speak at the UN Climate Change Conference and start conversations about taking action against flood risk.

The Shorelines Project continues to bring climate change conversations to the streets of Hull in the form of vibrant and eye-opening murals. With COP26 on the horizon, the team is now preparing to visit Glasgow to speak about the wider impact of rising sea levels and how everyone can play a part in saving our planet.

Shorelines is spearheaded by Rights Community Action, a coalition of campaigners, lawyers, planners, facilitators, writers and scientists, united by a shared commitment to tackle the climate emergency. The project is being delivered in partnership with DA Creative Studio, with CEO and Creative Director, Calvin Innes, very much at the heart of the action both strategically and creatively.

“Shorelines is an arts engagement project that raises awareness around flooding in Hull, but it doesn’t end there,” says Calvin. “DA Creative Studio is getting out on the road and heading to Glasgow to install a powerful mural during COP26. We’ve brought celebrated artist and activist Gustavo Chavez Pavon over from Mexico, making it an international arts event that confronts the global threat of climate change.”

The mural will be painted on the front of Scottish Opera Production Studios on Edington Street in Glasgow’s West End. As with all Shorelines murals, the piece will reflect the local community’s opinions and ideas in regard to protecting the environment.

As well as organising the installation with the help of mural facilitator Pedro Perez, the Shorelines team are all set to talk at the COP26 People’s Summit for Climate Justice. This positive and forward-thinking session will explore using art as a way to encourage discussion around difficult topics and how to take action.

The talk takes place on Sunday 7th November from 2pm-3:30pm at Adelaide Place Baptist Church. Joined in discussion by Naomi Luhde-Thompson and Alex Goodwin from Rights Community Action, as part of the event Calvin and Gustavo will also create a mural live on stage. Using temporary panels, this interactive installation invites people to share their thoughts in paint.

“We’re very thankful to Julie Murray from Carnival Arts Yard for kindly offering her space for this engagement session,” says Calvin. “She has helped enormously by linking us up with local groups, as open conversation is integral to the project.”

Following COP26, DA Creative Studio will bring Gustavo to Hull to install a new community piece in January 2022. This will create a lasting legacy of COP26 and continue the conversation of climate change in the East Yorkshire region.

Calvin said: “Global flooding affects everyone and we can all help to prevent it from happening. Our talk at COP26 and the community murals share the mission of protecting future generations from a climate catastrophe, so we urge as many people as possible to join the discussion and have their say.”