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The Time for Climate Action is Now

At COP26, a powerful, new climate change mural will be unveiled on the side of the Scottish Opera Production Studios, Edington Street thanks to the Hull-based art and activism program, The Shorelines Project.

Renowned artist and activist Gustavo Chavez Pavon, who hails from Mexico, will create a mural as part of the call for radical action on climate change.

The aim is to inspire the people of Glasgow far beyond COP26, about the centrality of climate justice in the UK and the global response to climate change – and for the need for everyone to be involved in demanding and designing the solutions that will help make us more resilient to a changing climate.

Throughout 2021, Shorelines has been transforming the threatened coastal city of Hull, UK, with provocative and beautiful murals designed to highlight the risk of flooding and inspire people to be part of the local and national conversation.

Naomi Luhde-Thompson, chief executive at Rights: Community: Action, said: “Climate change is happening. Through art, we can connect with communities about the climate risks that we face and the radical changes that we must make. We must take radical action now to curb emissions and help those most at risk from the impacts. We are all on a journey, and creating art together gives us all a much-needed voice.”

Calvin Innes, Creative Director and CEO at DA Creative Studio, said: “We’re pleased to be able to bring The Shorelines Project to Glasgow to coincide with COP26. Using art to convey difficult messages and encourage difficult discussions is at the heart of the project. Having the opportunity to take the project from Hull to Glasgow and continue the discussion during this important event allows us to engage with an even larger, engaged and passionate audience.”

Gustavo Chavez Pavon added: “This mural is about painting with the people of Glasgow. I believe that art can change the world and for me, this painting articulates the community’s feelings. Together we’re talking about climate change and fighting for social justice.”

As part of the People’s Summit for Climate Justice, the Shorelines team will talk on Sunday 7th November from 2pm-3:30pm at Adelaide Place Baptist Church. Joined in discussion by Naomi Luhde-Thompson, Alex Goodman from Rights: Community: Action and Calvin Innes from DA Creative Studio, Gustavo will also create a mural live on stage. Using temporary panels, this interactive installation invites people to share their thoughts in paint.