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Therapist steps up to offer innovative pain relief practice

Barjees Qayum, Nirvana Therapies

Bradford hypnotherapist Barjees Qayum has added a new string to her bow by qualifying as a Rapid Pain Elimination Therapist.

Barjees runs Nirvana Therapies from Streamline Gym, in Park View Mills, Wibsey Park Avenue, Wibsey, offering a range of treatments to support people with various issues.

She has now qualified in the latest innovative pain relief techniques known as Mind Mediation, after attending a course at Global Therapy Academy in Chesterfield. The centre is run by pain management therapist Martin Rothery who works with Chesterfield Royal Hospital and Royal Primary Care to treat patients suffering from chronic pain.

After completing the course, Barjees had to submit ten case studies in five individual disciplines, including: STEPS (Subconscious Therapeutic Elimination of Pain Signals and Symptoms) Dreamscaping, ILD (Interactive Lucid Dreaming), GOSH (Gift Of Self Healing) and TIME (Total Integrated Mind Enhancement) protocols, to receive the full diploma in Mind Mediation.

Barjees explained: “When pain has no obvious medical explanation or solution, it’s often found to be caused by a conflict between the conscious and unconscious mind.

“A licensed Rapid Pain Elimination Therapist can act as a “mediator” between the two, talking directly to the unconscious mind to resolve these conflicts. This works to remove the deep-rooted message which is directing the mind to generate pain”.

Mind Mediation has so far been found to be effective for arthritis, back pain, crumbling spine, fibromyalgia, scars, post thrombotic syndrome and all types of historic injuries. It usually takes only one session and can also be used to “switch off” or reduce emotional pain.

Martin Rothery said: ““According to medical research, nearly half of adults in the UK suffer from some kind of chronic pain. While it may not be life-threatening, chronic pain can cause a great deal of distress and have a negative effect on people’s mental health. The success rate of Mind Mediation at removing chronic physical and emotional pain is currently recorded at around 73%, with a further 20% for reducing pain.

“We’re delighted to welcome Barjees to our family of practitioners across the UK who are now helping more and more people to break free from this kind of persistent discomfort, using the most up-to-date therapeutic techniques”.

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