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Toni Thornton Art Launches Studio Sustainability Pledge

Sustainability is the capacity to endure and as we all see the changes in global climate, this week Yorkshire artist Toni Thornton Art has launched her studio sustainability pledge for 2022.

Currently Toni Thornton Art’s annual recycled waste is 4.5x greater than their general waste and on reflection Toni vowed “to increase the amount we recycle and to make the most sustainable choices in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint and to be more earth-friendly.”

Toni Thornton Art’s pledge will offset the carbon produce through their reforestation partnership with Ecologi. The award-nominated artist said; “on top of our monthly subscription, we will plant an additional five trees for every limited edition print sold.”

Each of the artists Limited Edition prints are made to order, allowing the studio to support climate positive procedures by maintaining a zero-waste inventory.

But why is it important? Simple. Sustainable packaging is important because it reduces ecological footprint of all the stages in the products life-cycle and is additional to helping both the producer and consumer reduce their environmental impact.

Toni, along with her team, are passionate and committed to further research in sustainability, so much so they will continue to investigate the impact on climate by assessing methods of tracking, offsetting and reducing their carbon footprint.

“We strive to be a small but positive cog in the fight against climate change” – Toni Thornton.