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Tracey Bell celebrates 10 years in Liverpool

This week, the team at the Tracey Bell aesthetic and dental clinic on Mount Street are counting down to a very special anniversary. They’re about to mark their tenth year of looking after Liverpool’s dental and aesthetic needs.

While countless Liverpool businesses have come and gone over the past few years, the Tracey Bell clinic has become an established part of the Liverpool landscape. They may have had one move over the years (relocating from their original Hanover Street clinic to their beautiful new Georgian clinic on Mount Street, which Tracey Bell unveiled earlier this year). However, while the architecture may have changed, many of the Tracey Bell team members, not to mention their patients, have remained the same.

What set the Tracey Bell clinic apart when the team first opened their doors back in 2007 was a willingness to invest in the very best staff, training and equipment and that core commitment to quality remains to this day. You’ll still find innovative treatments, such as the non-surgical lifting treatment Plexr, at Tracey Bell long before they make it in to the mainstream.

Also, even if it’s a well-established treatment like laser hair removal that you want, Tracey Bell still sets the standard due to her willingness to invest a lot more heavily than most in the best lasers on the market.

Tracey Bell said: “It’s exciting to look back over 10 years in Liverpool. In that time, we’ve brought the very best aesthetic and dental treatments available anywhere in the world to the North West and the talented team have gone from strength to strength thanks to their care for their patients and our constant investment in training.”

She added: “We’ll be raising a glass to 10 years in this city, but we definitely won’t be slowing down. Even this year, we’ve introduced ground-breaking new treatments like Plexr and we’ll continue to travel the world to find the very best new treatments and techniques and bring them to Liverpool.”

These days, patients travel from throughout the UK for treatments such as composite bonding for which the Tracey Bell team have received lots of glowing press, and the clinic welcomes celebrity clients through their doors on a weekly basis.

As well as offering the highest standards to her own patients in Liverpool, Tracey Bell is on a mission to raise standards in cosmetic dentistry and aesthetics throughout the UK. She has recently been campaigning for a crackdown on the completely unregulated market for dermal fillers in the UK and has repeatedly urged the General Dental Council to crack down on illegal teeth whitening.

To find out more about the Tracey Bell clinic and to see a full list of the treatments available at their Liverpool clinic, visit: http://www.traceybell.co.uk

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