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TransUnion tasks women in leadership to inspire the talent of tomorrow

Students from Mount St. Mary's with their TransUnion mentor

Leading credit reference agency TransUnion is continuing its work to tackle the gender pay gap in the technology sector, with its recently-formed ‘Women in leadership’ group now taking their skills to local schools to inspire the female leaders of tomorrow.

Working in partnership with IntoUniversity, TransUnion is helping to develop 16 female Year 10 students (aged 14 to 15) from Mount St Mary’s School in Leeds. The bespoke eight-month programme aims to help the next generation aspire to leadership roles and to equip them with the skills they need to succeed. With the initial workshop having taken place at the school, the girls are attending TransUnion’s head office in Leeds for further sessions.

Sarah Shaw, corporate responsibility consultant at TransUnion said: “This exciting new programme forms part of our promise to address the gender pay gap in our sector, by upskilling current and future business leaders and helping school-leavers to learn more about the field of technology and the opportunities within it. We’re delighted with the positive feedback we’ve received so far and look forward to watching these students develop their skills as the programme continues over the academic year.”

Jane Dickinson from IntoUniversity added: “The response we had from students was overwhelming and we’re pleased that working with TransUnion we’re able to support a large group, as programmes like this can have a huge influence on the future direction of these girls’ careers. Developing a relationship with a female role model can nurture and encourage them, as well as teaching them real workplace lessons and skillsets, to set them up for a career that knows no limits.”

The mentoring assignment also reflects the values of TransUnion’s #WorkInspiration programme, which aims to prepare students for working life, and which has seen the company partner with organisations including Business in the Community, EY Foundation, and Mosaic to give TransUnion colleagues the opportunities to inspire young people, through various activities including onsite workshops, long-term mentoring and interview skills training. As a result, TransUnion has worked with over 500 young people, helping them learn about the world of work and the technology sector it operates in.

TransUnion has also established a partnership with Bradford Girls’ Grammar School and this year engaged 108 students, the whole of its Year 10 group, in developing workplace skills.