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Tyne Tunnel Operators introduce New Traffic Lights to Reduce Congestion

Phil Smith, CEO TT2 Limited

TT2 Limited, the operator of the Tyne Tunnels, is announcing new traffic lights, following a successful pilot earlier in the year, in a bid to reduce congestion long term.

The lights, which will be introduced on 26 August, will see the new lights in place to filter traffic from the A185 loop road into the Northbound tunnel, merging with the A19.

This is the same position as the temporary lights at the successful trial in March. The traffic lights will operate between 07:00 and 08:45 Monday to Friday.

Since the Tyne Tunnels inspection lane became available for use to all customers, research by TT2 Limited has found that queuing time on the A185 loop road has reduced from an average of five minutes to one minute.

In addition to this, the previous traffic light trial improved traffic flow into the Tyne Tunnels from south of the river during peak hours, decreasing congestion.

Phil Smith, CEO of TT2 Limited said: “The temporary traffic lights we trailed at the loop road was very successful, and we are constantly looking at ways we can improve the customer journey. The recent lane gain following works at Lindisfarne will reduce congestion on the A19, the road used by the majority of our customers, and, due to the results of the previous trial, we are confident that the new lights will enhance this.

“The team in the TT2 control room will be monitoring the impact of the lights to ensure the flow of traffic is as seamless as possible, and that our A19 customers will quickly see the benefit of the lights.

“Our implementation of technology, including the ANPR system, our popular app, and Direct Debit top up, is a key element of TT2 Limited’s long-term strategic goal to make the Tyne Tunnels a quick, convenient and reliable gateway between North and South Tyneside.

“We will continue to listen to feedback from our customers, and act in their best interests to make the Tunnels a driver’s preferred method for crossing the Tyne.”

The traffic lights on A185 loop road into northbound tunnel merging with the A19 will be operational from 26 August between 07:00 and 08:45.