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Uniform delivers Rainbow Thursday campaign for Network

Uniform launch Rainbow Thursday for Health Service Discounts

Brand & Design Agency Uniform reveals the creative for Rainbow Thursday – a campaign from discount provider Network, which thanks frontline workers with 7 days of exclusive offers.

Network connects big brands to the dedicated people working in healthcare, education, care and charity sectors – offering them exclusive discounts.

Rainbow Thursday aims to showcase Network’s unwavering recognition of their scheme members and promotes daily deals as a thankyou for the efforts of key workers this year.

As positive sentiment starts to drop, digital and social content designed by Uniform, aims to keep the conversation going, and thank those on the front line.

Richard Pay, Uniform’s Creative Lead said:

“Black Friday doesn’t feel right in 2020. Seeing people crammed into shops, scrambling over each other, fighting to get a new widescreen TV. So we rebranded it as Rainbow Thursday – a bright, colourful and positive moment dedicated to those who have gone above and beyond this year.

During the Summer nurses, doctors and carers were in the forefront of our minds. We clapped outside our houses, we sent them gifts and showed them support. However the clapping has stopped and rainbows in windows are coming down. We’ve worked with Network to give a heartfelt “thank you” to the frontline workers from a brand that has always been there for them. Not just when it was ‘trendy’.

This campaign gives the country a reminder of their dedication and a glimpse into their lives. Network has reached out to brands to offer 7 days of exclusive discounts for anyone working in those fields. The result is a week of surprise and delight. Giving our frontline workers a little win, a little smile or a little treat everyday.”

Ben Potts, Uniform’s Head of Film said:

“In order to capture the reality of front line work in 2020, we were determined to use real key workers and genuine locations for the campaign promotional film. To comply with Covid restrictions we used a skeleton crew and the smallest equipment footprint possible. We embraced a documentary-style approach, using natural light. The final film really benefited from these limitations, resulting in an emotional and authentic snapshot of everyday heroes.”

Storm Postlethwaite, Head of Marketing at Network, said:

“We wanted to work on a campaign that would help reward and support our members, and hopefully give them the lift they need when we are surrounded by the uncertainty that the pandemic has caused. We also wanted to use this opportunity to thank our partners. They understand how hardworking and deserving our members are and see the discounts they provide as a thank you and a way of showing their recognition.

We hope that the campaign will highlight that we are still thankful and appreciative of our members’ work, what they have done for us all, and what they carry on doing.”

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