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Unique opportunity to learn more about professional development at a distance from top education trio

Dr Rachel Emms, In Professional Development, will be one of t guest speakers at the Higher Education Institutional Research

Keen delegates at the Higher Education Institutional Research (HEIR) Conference will get the benefit of the perspective of top educators from In Professional Development next month.

Taking place from September 22-24, the company will be sharing its breadth of knowledge and experience on the study of postgraduate professional development programmes as part of a ‘lightning talk’ at the virtual event, hosted by the University of St Andrew’s.

Lightning talks are a break from the typical PowerPoint presentation and are delivered in quicker time, with In Professional Development trio Dr Rachel Emms, Dr Debbie Scott and Dr Ian Grime promising to give an engaging overview of the company’s learning opportunities.

Dr Rachel Emms said: “Our presentation will shine a light on the experiences of students who have taken our part-time distance learning postgraduate professional development programmes, which we deliver alongside universities.

“We investigated how people responded to their studies so we could identify areas for development. Now, we’re looking forward to sharing our data analysis and findings with our education partners and to strengthening our collaborative practice further.
“We’re excited to be part of such a prestigious event and equally looking forward to delivering our presentation – we hope people can go away feeling like they really want to know about our programmes.”

“Following on from the lightening talk, there will be a networking session where delegates will be able to discuss things further and ask questions. This provides a fantastic opportunity to learn from the other participants and further formulate our ideas before summarising our findings in journal articles.”

In Professional Development, based in Wigan, Greater Manchester, places a huge emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility in its programmes and courses.

The company collaborated with the University of Chester to develop three postgraduate certificates to provide opportunities for experienced professionals to learn and adapt their business practice, irrespective of their academic background.

The university’s work-related studies centre enables professionals to study flexibly, fusing professional development with a distinctive qualification.

Following In Professional Development’s presentation, there will be an opportunity to attend a networking session, where conference participants can ask questions.

The UK and Ireland Higher Education Institutional Research (HEIR) network was established in 2008 to bring together institutional research (IR) enthusiasts and practitioners working in the UK and Ireland higher education sectors. It holds the HEIR conference on an annual basis.