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Urban Tennis To Launch Pop Up Active Tennis Court In Manchester This Weekend Only

Urban Tennis is inviting members of the public to unleash their inner Andy Murray at AJ Bell Stadium in Manchester on Saturday 12th January. The event will serve as a launch party for Urban Tennis’ active tennis offering, demonstrating how a pop-up court works in any environment from gyms to office spaces, supporting the brand’s message that tennis can be played anywhere, by anyone.

Unlike a regular tennis match on a court, active tennis does not require much physical space and can be played by anyone, regardless of ability. The concept also involves much more social interaction, through fun, light-hearted games in the spirit of getting fit rather than focusing on the competitive elements typical of the sport.

Urban Tennis was established in 2018 by LTA tennis coach, Matt Ford, to encourage the growth of tennis outside of the traditional court setting, making it a more accessible sport and fitness concept. It is designed to create a fun atmosphere and takes a game normally restricted to outdoors, inside. Urban Tennis will initially be launching the active tennis concept into gyms and leisure facilities, as well as office spaces as a healthy, sociable team building activity.

Matt Ford, founder of Urban Tennis, says:

“Tennis is often considered a rich person’s sport because memberships for gyms that include tennis facilities are notoriously high. I want to make playing tennis non-competitively possible for everyone who has an interest in the sport – that is my mission for Urban Tennis.

“I’ve been a tennis coach for a number of years and have a huge passion for the game. It has an excellent effect of players’ mental well-being and improves fitness. Think of it as spin class meets tennis.”

To attend the event, simply turn up to AJ Bell Stadium on Saturday 12th January from 11am-1pm.