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Wharfedale Interiors is sizing up despite crisis after lockdown

Wharfedale Interiors have been manufacturing and installing kitchens and fitted furniture in Wharfedale and the surrounding areas despite the challenges posed by the Covid crisis. Local MP Robbie Moore had the opportunity to visit Rhys and the team at the Ilkley Showroom.

Wharfedale Interiors started out in 1993 as Wharfedale Fitted Furniture and has been providing good service to customers for nearly 30 years. The firm’s Managing Director, Rhys Boven, is relatively new to the role, having started in late December, but has led the team through a difficult few months to now thriving.

The early period of lockdown was a struggle, with suppliers affected and demand unusually high but the firm quickly got back on track enabling them to take on more skilled team members such as cabinet makers and installers. Business is going so well that the firm has taken on an additional manufacturing unit in Ilkley, with further expansion plans for the future.

After his visit Robbie said:

“These guys are really one of the success stories of the last few months. Despite being presented with some major challenges they’ve been able to provide a service that residents have appreciated. Their stats speak for themselves, with 98% of customers recommending them and over 1200 clients saying they’re happy with their work.

“The real highlight for me, though, is that here we have a business that is providing jobs in the local area for local people. High-skilled, well paid jobs for people with a passion for what they do.”

Rhys Boven, Managing Director of Wharfedale Interiors, said:

“Since the business changed hands in December, we have continued to grow and develop the business, our offering to customers, and our team. Following the Government lockdown in March, we were unable to trade for two months with all the team on furlough. This obviously was very difficult for not only myself but all the team, especially when I just took over the business a few months earlier.

During this time, we have focused on the positives and opportunities available in the market, while speaking to our customers and learning how we can improve. Our goal was to come out of the lockdown even better and stronger, which I believe we have done and more.

“I am extremely proud of the way we are developing into one of the region’s leading fitted and bespoke furniture makers. I believe this success can be attributed to our positive mindset, constant improvements, and the strength of the team we are fortunate to have at Wharfedale Interiors.”

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