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When Retail Met Magic


The high street is being transformed with the wave of a magic wand in recent times; and that wand belongs to northern creative prop and bespoke display company So… Visualise.

With a client list that includes Rigby and Peller and Chelsea Design Centre; So… Visualise provide an inspired and refreshing approach to visual merchandising.

Their formula? A decade’s experience coupled with their curator ship of talented artisans, ensuring a perfect alignment with the client’s unique brand identity.

So… Visualise: Dwell, Digest, Deliver.

Founder Lisa Borrie explained: “Once we have met with the client to understand their story and what sort of a picture they are looking to build; we carve out a comprehensive brief from which we can bring a project to life through the process of mood boarding. Then it’s the exciting part! Bringing what seems impossible and improbable, to life! That’s where the magic happens…. Peculiarity is not only welcome but encouraged”

Lisa studied Art and Design at Westwood College and then travelled to Europe to work for an international interior design studio where she discovered her passion for creating masterpieces on a large and small scale.

Since returning to England, Lisa turned her business dream in to reality and provides a welcome breath of fresh air to the retail industry, with a dash of magic too!
For those clients looking for a faux flamingo or a giant palm tree, So… Visualise also offers a prop hire service.

Rigby and Peller engaged with So… Visualise to design and produce a window display for their 9 stores worldwide, including their flagship Mayfair London store. So…Visualise sourced the finest in quintessentially British props such as original leather travel trunks to give the window depth and to offset the apparel in an engaging and enigmatic style.

Simpsons store based in Chelsea Design Centre, London gave So… Visualise a brief to create a focal point to encapsulate the essence of their brand at Christmas time; this came in the form of Charles, who became the focal point to their festive marketing strategy, and was even featured on Simpson’s corporate Christmas card!

Not only is this visual merchandising start up turning heads in the luxury retail sector, but it has also just been granted Virgin Start Up status and with its plans to engage and foster visual merchandiser graduates creativity, watch this space!